Celebrity Sex Stories – One Night Stand With A Musician – Part One

Celebrity Sex Stories – The guy I was dating was “moonlighting” as a bouncer at a club that was hosting a band.  One of my all-time favorites.  I had a huge presentation due for school but he said he had a ticket for me to attend.  Bit the bullet and decided to go anyways.  I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t say no.  Dressing up in a black leather skirt.  Thigh high stockings.  “Fuck me” heels and a tight, low cut top that showed off my 38D breasts.  I drove there and my guy met me outside.  He and I had this agreement.

I had one massive celebrity crush and he had one too.  So, if given the opportunity, we each had “permission” to indulge.

As long as we were open about it with each other.  Of course, we were, since he brought me there.  He leads me up front so I was up close and personal.  Kissed me and told me to have fun.  And then disappeared.  For “work,” I guess.  I sang along to every single song and danced.  The paper I had due?  Fuck it.  I no longer cared.  Just living in the moment.  Two encores later and as the crowd cleared.  My guy came up behind me out of nowhere and kissed the back of my neck.  Held me close.

Asked me if I was ready for the ride of my life.

Took my hand and lead me backstage.  Placed my hand in the musician’s hand, blew me a kiss.  Said he would be back in a few hours.  I felt my knees almost buckle at the moment.  Knowing this guy was/is a known womanizer.  I didn’t even care.  My heart was beating so fast as he leads me into a semi-dark room and closed the door behind us.  He walked up to me slowly and started singing one of my favorite of his songs.  In a low tone.

Suddenly he sat down and said to do a strip tease for him.

Intimidating considering how many have likely done this for him before.  But I did it.  Pretty sure I didn’t make any lasting mark but I sure as hell tried to.  Playing one of his songs in my head.  Ignoring the noise of the after party on the other side of the door.  The fact that my lover gave me over to this guy and let me have my fantasy.  I started to sway to the music in my head.  As he sat there watching me.  I took the straps of my top down off of my shoulders slowly.  Keeping constant eye contact as he was watching me.  Turning around with my back to him.  Tossing the top off.  Bending over.

Giving him a nice view of my ass and pussy.

Looking over my shoulder as he sat there sipping his scotch.  Hiking up my black leather skirt, I stripped off my white lace panties and tossed them over.  Continuing my little dance, I unzipped my skirt and eased it down.  Let it fall to the floor and kicked it off.  There I was in thigh high stockings, fuck me heels and nothing else.  As he sat there and studied me, it appeared.  Feeling vulnerable.  I just stood there trying to figure out what to do.

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