My Nephew Was No Longer A Little Boy

I got a call from my older sister. And she asked me if her son could stay with me for a week. He was looking at some areas schools to attend soon and I said of course. I hadn’t seen my nephew in several years. I wasn’t that much older than him, less than ten years. And he’d been a kid the last time I saw him. He was always nice and I would be fine with him staying here while he toured local universities to see which was the best for him. I was shocked when I opened the door when he arrived. He was no kid anymore, he was a very handsome young man. And I couldn’t believe it when I looked him up and down.I was actually his aunt.

We had dinner together the first night and we couldn’t stop staring at one another. He blushed a bit and said he’d always had a crush on me. And he knew that was silly since I was his aunt, but he hadn’t seen me in many years and he always had fond memories of me. I found myself thinking sexually about him. It was like one of those funny sex stories you read online. After dinner, I showed him his room and he went in and didn’t bother me for the rest of the night. A few hours later I heard some noises that woke me and I went to see what it was. I realized it was him in the spare room and the door was open a crack. And I looked in and he was masturbating. And I saw my nephew’s huge, young cock and I was impressed and turned on, I must say.

I Had Some Hot Dreams About Him

casey and nephew

I went back to bed and dreamed of him fucking me,.I am a bad aunt to think such naughty things about my own kin, but I couldn’t help it. The next day I spied on him when he was in the shower to get another look at him. He saw me watching, he flirted with me a bit .And asked if I saw anything I liked. This time I was the one ding the blushing and I said I did, actually. He walked over just in his towel, and kissed me passionately.

We walked to my bedroom and I sat down on the edge of the bed and took the towel off of him. And reached out and stroked his cock in my hand, up and down, slowly and teasingly. His own aunt touching his young cock and making him drip with excitement. He leaned down and kissed me as I continued to rub him and then I took him in my mouth. And was sucking on his hard cock and enjoying every minute of it. I wondered what my sister would think, I’m sure she’d be horrified.

I Know What We Were Doing Was Wrong . But..

I laid back on the bed and undid my robe, laid out naked for my nephew. And he got on top of me and slid that young dick into my already dripping wet pussy. I wrapped my legs around him and buried my face in his shoulder. Taking in the clean scent of him .And he pounded me like I haven’t been fucked in ages. I adored every minute of it and he sucked on my nipples, turning them into stiff peaks. As we fucked. I ground my clit against his shaft and soon came on that delicious cock. And it wasn’t long until I felt him squirt inside of me, his naughty older aunt. I am so glad I agreed to let him stay with me, I need to have him visit more often.

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