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We all have some funny sex stories. But this one I had recently was most unexpected. I have this time share with an older couple, we both enjoy the property and seldom run into one another. It’s been a nice arrangement for us all. So it was one of my weekends and I went up there for some peace and quiet. And I was shocked when I discovered a small party going on and I double checked my schedule and yes, it was indeed my weekend. So I asked who was in charge and I spoke to them and it was the son of the couple. And he said he didn’t know I was coming this weekend as I hadn’t filled out the chart we all use.  And I hadn’t filled it out and I didn’t go there every weekend I was entitled to. But he said he thought since it was empty he’d use it for a party, I was welcome to join them.

I Smelled Weed, And I LOVE Weed

Well I’d gone up there for quiet, not a party, but I smelled weed, and I LOVE weed. I laughed and said I’d stay on one condition, that I got some weed. And within seconds I was toking away with a joint in my hand. I asked what kind of weed it was because my head was spinning.  Laughing, he said it was a very potent mix. They’ just got it from Mexico. It was about the strongest I’d ever had, but made me feel great.

He had some good looking friends at this party. And several couples were already getting pretty friendly right out in the open.I mean it was pretty hot to just chill and watch couples having sex . And I was soon in another room, the fancy bathroom with the whirlpool tub. I was soon in it with two very good looking guys and we were all enjoying the weed. Soon I was sucking on one guys cock while I was getting eaten out by the other. WTF? This was one of my funny sex stories

I Wasn’t Feeling Any Pain

My mind was a blur, and I was all floaty feeling. It was a haze of pot, naked men and orgasms. I was not complaining though. My girlfriends had told me some of their funny sex stories, and they hadn’t been as cool as this one. I was feeling so good, from the pot, from my pussy being licked, to feeling that hard cock fucking my mouth.  I was bent over the tub as I was swallowing a load of cum . He was fucking me from behind. The water in the tub was sloshing with every thrust.

I called for more weed and soon had another joint in my hand I was smoking, making my head swirl with the potent, Mexican pot.   I was filled with cum from the cock I’d just been fucked by. And soon after, I felt another cock go into me, it was all so pleasure, it was like a blurry dream. A very satisfying dream. I woke up the next morning, and it was all like it had been a dream. Everyone was gone, some of the mess had been cleaned up, some was left for me. But it had been one fun night. When I got home, I was sure going to tell my girlfriends all about this crazy night. I was truly a sexy milf !

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