I can honestly say that I get turned on every day I do phone sex I love the guys. I get all kinds of calls and every day is like an adventure. You never know what kind of call you’ll get next. Just when you think that you’ve heard about every kind of kink you find out that you’re wrong and that’s what makes this job so much fun.

I have to say since I started phone sex a few years back there was one part of the job that I like probably the most. And that has to do with watching guys on cam that’s right I am so lucky I really consider myself very lucky there’s nothing hotter  to me than watching a guy Jack his dick. Watching a guy Jack his dick turns me on to no end.
I love to watch them stroke their cocks. All kinds cocks from the very tiny  lol.. To the nice full thick ones so freaking hot! I love talking dirty to them and watching them get stiffer and stiffer. There is no way that I can keep my hands out of my panties. I  get so fucking wet! I finger my   pussy the whole time. And I know they can hear it in my voice and it makes the call even better!  There’s   no faking here   fuck no! You can count on it! It doesn’t matter what you’re into cause at that moment whatever you’re into it becomes my fantasy too. I want to get inside your head and I usually do. When I know I’m about to start a cam call I make sure I have easy access to my tits and my pussy. Why not enjoy it right?

With my legs up on the desk or even turn my monitor towards my bed so I can fully fuck myself with my dildos or favorite vibrator. No doubt a guy can hear how wet I am. Sometimes a guy wants to be guided to tease him or   talk dirty to him, control when he cums. Some guys just love the idea that am watching him and trust me I’m watching his every move. I especially like when a guy has a nice head on his dick. Mmm I cum so hard !

I mean I’ve heard that some girls charge extra to watch a guy.. Not me.. To me it’s like a fringe benefit. LOL! And yes I have my favorites there are just some guys that have the sexiest cocks are you one of them? Call me…Are you proud enough to show me?


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