Britney began fucking me from behind thrusting faster and harder with each stroke. Then Mckinsey starts telling Britney to fuck that nasty black-cock-loving slut, and Carla started chanting “choke on this dick you nasty cunt, suck the cum out of my balls!” All of a sudden Britney stopped fucking me, and Carla said “Get off my dick slut!”, and stood up. Then Britney stood in front of me and shoved her cock in my mouth. Carla inserted her big black cock into my wet pussy, and began pounding my pussy while Britney fucked my face.

Mckinsey got under Carla and began sucking  her balls, and rubbing my clit while she fucked me. Carla now using a male voice said, “I am going to pound that pussy like your step dad use to after school.” Her male voice continued, “Mckinsey and Britney always talked about their slutty friend Carmen back home, that got fucked every day after school by her black step dad with an 11 inch cock, and loved every inch of it. That is why I just had to see you, and they set it up for me to meet you. I am going to pound your pussy until I cum deep inside you, and hopefully get you pregnant.”

By this time, the bartender, and a couple of other guys were standing on the side stroking  their cocks telling me how much of a nasty whore I was. All of a sudden, I feel Carla cum deep inside my pussy while the bartender pushed Britney to the side and shoved his dick in my mouth and held my head down on his cock while he filled my mouth full of cum, and made me swallow. Then three other guys, that were standing watching began shooting all over my face, hair, and onto my back.

I woke up the next morning totally nude on the upstairs bar area floor with cum dried all over my body. I saw a note on the table over my head, and it said,

“YOU ARE JUST A NASTY CUM LOVING SLUT! Just like Britney and Mckinnsey said you were. They wanted to start our spring break fucking you, before we went to Florida.  By the time you wake up we will be on our way. Also, for your knowledge, 13 guys shot loads of cum deep in your pussy and all over your body while you were passed out. Happy Spring Break Carmen !!!! Love, Carla

I leaked cum for 2 weeks straight. Me and the girls still laugh about what happened. Til this day, I can still feel Carla’s big Black dick imprinted in my pussy. God! That black tranny dick was SO FUCKING GOOD!



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