Cum milking would never have crossed Becca’s mind when she first married her husband.  The perfect power couple, she was thin, fit, and sexy.  Too busy showing off her body, Becca was self-obsessed!  That is until she had her first child.  Losing the baby’s weight proved almost impossible as she tried fad diet after fad diet.  Nothing seemed to work.  Maybe she would shed 5 pounds to gain it back in a couple of weeks.  This new body was not going to do.

Trying different things that she could add to her smoothies in the morning had become a chore.  All of the flavors these powders promised to pack tasted nothing great and ruined the smoothies she would otherwise enjoy.

Cum milking came out of the left-field as she was trying to spice up the relationship with Kevin. Kevin had barely aged since his wedding day, yet he actually seemed more fit.  Jealous but full of lust, Becca turned her attention to sexual matters.

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She really started giving Kevin state-of-the-art blow jobs one Spring, finding out that he was gifted with candy cum!  Seriously, his cum tasted so sweet she found herself not minding the task of swallowing.  As a matter of fact, she started begging to blow Kevin for his  cum.  Kevin was thrilled, of course, because what man wouldn’t want a wife who gave him blow jobs all night.

Her friends noticed that she had lost a significant amount of weight and was looking amazing.  How was she shedding pounds when they had not seen her at the gym in weeks!  Becca barely noticed herself because she was having too much fun sucking cock.  Looking at herself in the mirror that night, however, she could see that she was drastically thinner.  Being a good gal pal, she set up a small meeting at her home.

She talked Kevin into cumming into a small bottle before work that morning.  Kevin had thought she was insane, but at the same time, he was thrilled his wife needed his cum that badly. When the girls came over, she had them all sample it without telling them what it was.  She didn’t want to turn them off to this.  After all the girls reveled in his candy cum, Becca admitted to what it was.

It was Claire who mentioned cum milking.  She had read about it in erotica she was reading and had mentioned that Becca should capitalize on this to make a new fad diet that tasted good and actually worked.  How could she get Kevin to cum that much, though?  Claire had shown the rest of the girls photos of cum milking machines.

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Two weeks to get the equipment shipped to the house, the girls all planned to meet up at Becca’s house to set up their first cum milking factory.  He would be groggy and hard in the morning, so easy to confuse and trap.  It was good because the gals did not want to wait one more week for that candy cum!

When he woke, he found himself rallied by 5 women into the basement laundry room.  Dazed, he was strapped to a pole in seconds and gagged to silence.  “Was this really happening?” he thought to himself.  After all, this would be in line with some of his wettest dreams.  All of Becca’s little girlfriends having their way with him. But then they started shredding off his clothes as Becca opened a box in the corner.

He saw some strange equipment and would have protested, but his mouth was still gagged.  She and Claire attached this milking machine to the base of his cock and started it up.  The machine whirred and vibrated, eliciting huge loads of candy cum into the bucket below.  Grabbing spoons, they all fought over each drop of cum.  This cum mixed with a decent exercise routine would be the best weight loss program yet.  Claire and Becca were going to have a very, very lucrative business in cum milking.

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