Camping Trip With Our New Step Mom: Part 2

It was the next morning after everything was all said and done. step mom was making breakfast and my daddy was sitting in a chair drinking his morning coffee. My brother was still asleep, exhausted from the night before. My father told us that he has invited some of his friend’s over to our camp sight later so we all needed to be washed up and ready by 3:00 PM. Vickie smiled and told him we will be ready and waiting for their arrival. 

I was honestly a bit confused but I did as my daddy told me. It was about 2 o’clock now and he nodded at my Step Mom, she walked over to me and took me by the hand. She led me out to the woods, undressed me, and tied me to a tree.

“You will be the welcoming party.” Step mom said as she walked back to the campsite.

My heart was pounding. I knew what was going to happen. But I did not know who would be fucking me. Vickie blindfolded me. I waited there for what seemed like forever and I finally heard footsteps coming near me.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here? What a great welcoming gift. Your father was always so generous.” The voice says as he leans down and takes a big whiff of my pussy. “Mmm, what a sweet-smelling pussy. I can’t wait to fuck it raw!”

He leaned in and started to kiss me, his rough beard scratching my face. He smelled like pine trees and meat, rugged and manly. I could feel his strong body rubbing up against mine. Then I heard him reach down and unzip his pants. He wasted no time getting down to business. He fucked me with such aggression and strength, I could not help but cum over and over. So he finished inside of me, filling my pussy with his giant load of cum. Then he pulled up his pants and went on to the campsite.

Then the next man arrived, then the next, there was so many that day that I lost count. My body was quivering, I knew my body could not take it anymore. I could hear my daddy and his friends laughing and having a good time at camp. Vickie finally came and untied me from the tree. My body was dripping from cum, from every hole imagined.

“Come, Regina, we have one last guest that needs welcoming. He is the most special guest of all.” Vickie said.

She led me to the campsite, took off my blindfold, and right in front of me were a bunch of rugged, dirty, mountain men. Some smiled at me, some winked, they had all fucked me, they had all made me cum. There was a circle of logs and Vickie led me right to the middle of them. Took a cold bucket of water and dumped it on me to wash off all the cum. Now, I am very tiny about 5’3 with a small fit build. As I stood there soaking wet, shivering from the cold out come the biggest black man you have ever seen. He must have been over 6’ft tall. He was leaving my brother’s tent.

“Your brother was keeping Tyrone company while we waited for you to finish up with all the other guests. I hope you don’t mind sloppy second’s from your brother.” My daddy snickered.

Tyrone walked out of the tent fully nude. I swear his cock was almost as big as me. It was the biggest cock I have ever seen. He walked over to me and sat me on his lap. His BIG Black Cock was as thick as both my fists put together. A saying came to mind when I was climbing on his cock:

“When you go black, you are going to need a wheelchair.”

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