It’s a good thing I’m not a man otherwise I’d have a ton of sexual harassment complaints against me. Instead I can play with my employees whenever I want because no one would take them seriously if they complained about a good looking business woman coming onto them. I’ve had my eye on this new intern and thought it was time to find out just how much she wants to work here.

I called Caden into my office and closed the door behind us. I made sure the blinds were shut then sat on the edge of my desk. I told her that I was impressed by her work but that I needed to see her show more initiative if she wanted to keep working here. I leaned back and parted my legs a bit then waited to see if she got the hint.

Caden said that she loved working here and would do anything to keep her job. She went over to me, put her hand on my knee and ran her fingers up my thigh. I got wet as she went higher. She put her finger over my panty clad pussy and rubbed me until there was a wet spot. I moved against her finger and she slipped past the side of my panties. She pushed her finger inside my pussy and began to slowly pump it in and out of me. She was good and I wanted more of her. I pulled her close and kissed her, running my tongue over her lips before pushing it inside. Her finger worked my pussy as we kissed and I felt an orgasm building but I wasn’t done with her yet.

I pulled away from her and stood up. I unzipped my skirt, stepped out of it then told Caden that she was going to put that pretty little mouth of hers to use. I took off my panties, sat on the edge of my chair, parted my legs and used my fingers to open my wet pussy lips. I told Caden to do a good job of licking my pussy or she’d be looking for a new job tomorrow. Caden got down on her knees and put her hands on my thighs, steadying herself. I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her forward. I could feel her warm breath on my skin as she stuck her tongue out and ran it along my lips. I moaned and she pushed a tongue inside and ran it along my walls. She gave it long, slow, firm licks as more juices started dripping more. She had obviously done this before and knew all the right moves to make. She kept licking me as she pushed a finger inside. She pumped it in and out of me as she moved her tongue around. She found my clit and began to rub her tongue over it and suck on it. I leaned back and put my legs over her shoulder, locking her in place. I pushed my hips up, grinding my pussy against her face as she kept sucking my clit. It only took a minute for me to cum and I didn’t hold back; my employees know what happens when the blinds are closed.

I kept Caden where she was until I had caught my breath then let her get up. Her face was covered in my juices and she was licking her lips clean. I said that she could keep working here but I’d have to do a performance review in two weeks.

Let me boss you around and sexually harass you in the workplace! The boss lady’s pussy is the best fringe benefit!

Steamy Sabrina


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