Buttfuck: How A Wrong Number Can Turn Into Something Incredible

Buttfuck! Now that I have your attention… I’m here to tell you that sometimes when you get the wrong number it can turn into something amazing. Of course, it does involve a good buttfuck. But, that’ll cum later in this story.

So, it’s 11 pm and I’m sitting there watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and crunching on some Hot Cheetos. And I get a text message from a number I don’t know. But, I still pick up my phone and check it out of curiosity. The text said “Hey sexy, it’s Zak from the bar. What are you up to?”

I immediately reply with “Sorry, wrong number.” And he responds with a picture of him making a sad face. He’s cute, has blonde hair, tattoos, piercings, and pretty blue eyes. I reply with a picture of myself chomping on some Hot Cheetos.

Within a few moments he says “Well, shit, I guess the girl gave me the wrong number. But, I say, I am pleasantly surprised and happy about it.” I laugh out loud and tell him “Well, I take that as a compliment and you aren’t too bad yourself.” I turn off my tv and head to my bed.

Zak and I chat for a while before I fall asleep and I wake up the next morning to a good morning text. He’s sweet and thoughtful. So, I continue talking to him for the next couple of weeks. And finally, we talk on the phone.

His voice was deep and calming and I could listen to him talk all night. He asked me “So, I know we only just met through wrong number texts but, I would really like to meet you. Can I see you?” I look at my phone and think… would it be a good idea?

I was feeling a bit impulsive and said yes.

So, we set up a meet time and place. 6 pm on Saturday the 22nd. I get so excited that I shave every part of my body smooth and wait for the day to come. Finally, it’s Saturday, and I cannot wait to meet him.

I spend my day taking a sexy bath and exfoliating and shaving again. And then I get dressed at about 4 pm. I wear my newest black dress that’s tight and shows off my ass and my hair is curled and my makeup is flawless. And I get into my Lyft and head to the mall where we are supposed to meet.

I wait for about 10 minutes and get discouraged but soon I hear a familiar voice say “B-Bailey?” I turn around and there he is. The emo boy from the text messages. We hug each other and my heart skips a beat and my pussy practically has its own heartbeat.

We then hang out at the mall, talking, drinking boba teas and snacking. And finally, I say without thinking “We should go back to my place.” He nods and takes me by the hand to his car. My anxiety starts to kick in a bit but I was ready to fuck this one.

We get to my place and I quickly bring him in.

I take him to my bedroom because I know what I want. We start talking and sitting on my bed. Within a few minutes, he caresses my cheek and kisses me. I immediately jump on him and start to make out with him.

I can feel how hard his cock is underneath me and he grabs me by the hair and tosses me onto the bed on my tummy. He pulls up my dress and starts to kiss my ass all over. I moan as he pulls my panties down… and then he licks from my wet pussy all the way up my crack.

He lays on top of me and asks “So, baby. Do you want a good fucking or do you want to be a naughty girl for me and let me buttfuck you?” I say “Buttfuck me, daddy.” He spanks me really hard and I hear his pants unzip.

He lifts me up for a moment and licks my asshole, making it wet. And then he slips his VERY large cock into my tight little ass. I scream a little as it does kind of hurt but he starts kissing my shoulders and caressing me so I am more relaxed. And soon enough his entire cock was up my ass.

We fuck all night. And in the morning go get breakfast and spend the day together. He left that evening but still texts me every day telling me that he wants to see me again.

Hot phone sex is my specialty. And you can find out how great I am by calling me. Now.