Sexy Bath: Wet Dream Mess Wakes My Friend… Then She Fucks Me!

Sexy bath, yes, that’s right. It was way more than just any old bathtime. And it was the best fucking bath I had ever had and I just wanna tell you all about it! It starts with a sleepover.

So, my good friend Lynn was staying the night with me and we had a great time! We laughed, drank some champagne, ate snacks, and just passed out next to each other in my bed. And I had the most amazing dream about Lynn. I couldn’t believe I thought about her like that in my subconscious mind.

The dream was vivid and so real. We were just hanging out like we had in real life and then Lynn kisses me. I just start to grope her… like really twist her nipples and slap her ass.

And she says, in the dream, “Wow! I didn’t think I would work up the courage to kiss you!” And I smile at her and take off her t-shirt. She takes off mine and we both start to suck on each other’s nipples.

Later in the dream, Lynn grows a dick and I just automatically get on my knees and spread my asscheeks for her. Lynn comes up behind me and slides her fat cock into my tight little asshole. I get fucked as hard as she can in the ass by Lynn and end up cumming so hard that I squirt. And then I wake up.

“Did I just… pee myself?”

I shot up in bed and check my panties. And I am SOAKED! I even got the bed wet! Oh shit… I squirted in my sleep and got it on Lynn.

I tried to clean it up with my blanket but as soon as I reach over, she wakes up. She stretches and says “Oh! What’s this?” She takes two fingers and wipes them off of her legs and sniffs them.

Lynn sits up and says “You dirty girl. Looks like we have to clean you up.” She knew what it was… I squirted all over the fucking bed. I was mortified!

So, Lynn takes me to my tub and runs it, making sure it is warm enough. She then takes my t-shirt and panties and tosses them to the floor. I jump in the tub and then Lynn takes off her dress and hops in next to me. And I had never seen her naked.

Let me tell you, it was a sight to see! Her huge breasts swaying and her thick thighs jiggling a little. Mmm! I love a sexy BBW (and have a few BBW sex stories of my own!)

Lynn sits down and I look at her, she grabs my loofah and body wash and starts to wash my breasts. My nipples get instantly had because I am still so horny from my dream. She smiles at me and rinses my perky, soapy breasts off. Then she sticks my left nipple in her mouth and starts to suck.

I am so surprised and excited.

Lynn grabs my other breast and plays with my nipple, putting in between her thumb and forefinger and pinching. I smile and she lifts me out of the tub and puts me on the edge of the tub. She then spreads my legs and kisses me. Her lips are so soft and taste like strawberry lipgloss.

Lynn then takes two fingers in her mouth and gets the wet before shoving them into my pink little pussy. I moan and she starts to finger me really good! No man has ever been able to finger fuck me the way Lynn could. And I sure hope my best friend, Regina doesn’t get jealous that this was the best fingering I had ever had.

Next, Lynn leans down and sticks her face in between my legs. She starts to suck on my clit, making me shake. I let her do what she wants with my body. And she makes me cum almost instantly!

And of course, I squirt again but this time onto Lynn and into the bathtub. She smiles up at me and says “Mmm, you’re a tasty girl. I can’t wait to send the night again.”

Sexy bath time will always be a favorite story of mine!

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