Bus Fuck: I Really Got The Ride Of My Life By A Stranger

So I was on my way Uptown and of course my train decides that it is out of service. Of course, all passengers must shuttle buses. Ugh. Anyway, I was caught in the crowd with tons of aggravated commuters and I got pushed and found myself falling. It took a second but I realized that I didn’t hit the ground. I was swaddled in the arms of a kind stranger. I looked up at his face. He was smiling at me while he looked down at my tits. He propped me up and began to navigate through the crowd. We caught the shuttle and found ourselves jam packed in the back. Chest to chest with him I whispered in his ear. “Thank you” He smiled and nudged me ” Your Welcome.” Some minutes passed and I felt my kind stranger’s hand climbing up my thigh. We were about to bus fuck!

My pussy began responding to him.

He decided to take it a step further, he slid his hand into my panties as more passengers enter the bus. I quickly turned my back to him as the crowd pushed us closer together. He rubbed my clit furiously as his hand became drenched with my liquid. Then he took his hand away and pressed it against his lips to taste me. He smiled and pulled his cock out. He slid inside me so quickly and began to pound my pussy among the ignorant commuters.  I tried to stay silent as the bus got more crowded and he pushed himself deeper into me.

I looked behind me to see him trying to contain himself as well. Seeing this I decide to gentle start fucking back on his cock. His face got tenser with the urgent need to cum. Seconds later I felt him explode inside me as I gushed onto him.

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