It All Started When I Let My Step Brother Move In With Me

One of my naughtier adventures is being part of a brother sister sex story. I’d lived on my own a while, but due to expenses I needed a roommate. And my

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younger step brother asked if he could move in since it was closer to his college. So I said yes. I hadn’t initially thought about the lack of privacy that this would present. I loved to masturbate, usually daily, and I just left my bedroom door open when I did.

Why wouldn’t I, I lived alone, so who would see me. I didn’t think of this the first night he moved in. I was horny before bed, as usual, and masturbated like I always did, and I fell asleep afterwards. And then when I woke up, I had the feeling I was being watched.I opened my eyes ever so slightly and saw him standing in the doorway stroking his cock. He wasn’t there long, but long enough for me to see, and obviously he was observing me.

I Loved To Masturbate In The Shower

I loved to masturbate in the shower as well, and usually would wait for him to leave. Since the shower nozzle was a bit louder on the setting I’d put it on when I’d masturbate with it. And it was a bit obvious what I was doing. Well one day I was sure I saw him peeking through the crack in the open door when I was sure I’d heard him leave. I think he came back in since he knew I was about to get in the shower. And he was hoping to see me masturbate. Well, obviously he got lucky and did see me, well at least the reflection of me through the glass sliding doors of the shower.

I Knew He Was Watching Me

This brother sister sex story didn’t involve any contact between the two of us, just the watching. I knew he was watching me masturbate regularly, yet I wasn’t even bothering to fully shut my door or lock it. And I was a bit turned on by the whole idea of him watching and stroking his cock to me. I even would go out of my way to arrange to do it when he was in his room. And hoping he’d either hear my vibe if I was using it. Or hear my mattress squeaking if I was using my hand and bucking up and down a bit. I would even make sure and moan so he’d know what I was doing. That usually got him out in the hall, trying to observe me.

It Was A Hot Secret That We Kept

And It was kind of hot, yet we never spoke of our own private brother sister sex story. It was this unspoken thing, it went on for a long time, and always made me horny. I even repositioned my bed so it faced the door and he’d have the best view of my cunt if he was spying on me. I’m so naughty, yet I loved helping getting him off by letting him watch me. I think he really loved watching my fingers glide in and out of my juicy cunt, I could sometimes hear him heavy breathing and it aroused me and made me cum harder.

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