As far back as I can remember I have always been a real tease. I think partly because I had a dad and three brothers that adored me. I was always able to get my way. With just a toss of my long dark hair, and a look at my big brown eyes, I could get anything I wanted. The older I got the more attention I craved. I was  around 11, my older brother who was 13 at the time and I started getting into some little sex games whenever our parents would go out. I am not sure  exactly why or how it started, but I remember  pretending that I was modeling outfits ..I knew this got the most attention from the males in my house. To top it off, I was using clothes from my moms lingerie drawer. I also wore some really sexy stockings and high heels.. I wanted to drive my brother nuts over me. I walked back and forth by him while he was sitting watching tv. I knew I was getting his attention I would take off whatever I was wearing and as I walked past him. After a while he couldn’t control himself he lunged at me. I pretended to act surprised. I smiled up at him and didn’t even stop him when he pulled me to his lap. would touch me all over. I remember the first time he slipped his finger between my little bare lips and how wet I was. I allowed him to slip his hand over my little budding tits. I could feel  his hands shake as he pinched my nipples. He was fucking on fire! I could feel his stiff dick! But would only give it a light stroke and move away. I knew I had all the control and at first I never let him go further than that One of the games we started playing was where one of us would pretend they were asleep and the other would kind of explore their body. I had my first orgasm from him touching me like that. I also learned that I had to get out of the way when he shot his sperm, or it would be all over me. By about the time I was 12, I had gotten to the point where I wanted more. One day, my brother was lying on the sofa pretending to be asleep, so I went over and decided to try something new. I had pulled down his boxer briefs and admired his erect dick for a few minutes, I slipped my shorts and panties off completely and climbed onto the sofa with him, straddling his hips. I was shaking with excitement and anticipation as I stared down at his stiff boner, that was pointing right between my legs. I leaned forward a little, lowering myself until I felt the that thick mushroom  head press against my cunny lips. I was slick from my excitement and I felt the tip slip right between them and the head pop into my fuck hole. I remember my whole body quivering as an orgasm shook me and looking down to see my brother staring at me. fucking in shock! , like he couldn’t believe what I had done. I lowered my horny little body down on his dick and managed to force about half of it inside me before he started humping his hips at me and moaned so loudly. I knew he was going to shoot his cum but I couldn’t bring myself to pull him out… so instead  I pressed as hard as I could down on his throbbing dick as it began jerking inside me, shooting his cum in me. I have never felt anything so wonderful . To this day I can still drive him nuts! Call me for my dirty incest stories !

Dirty lil Dana

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