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I had read a brother sister sex story or two in my time, but never thought I’d ever actually meet anyone into that. Or at least I never thought they’d reveal such a taboo secret. This friend of mine had invited me over for an evening with her and her brother, I thought we were just going to be ordering in some takeout and watching some movies and talking, just a regular evening. I didn’t know her brother that well. I’d met him a few times, and he seemed nice enough. But I’d never spent that much time with the two of them together and got a really odd vibe between them. They weren’t acting like brother and sister, they were more acting like girlfriend and boyfriend.

I Was In Shock When I Saw Them Kiss

Then they leaned over and kissed one another during one of the movies. And I looked up, clearly a little shocked. And they smiled and looked over at me and said they were lovers and had been for many years, since their early teens. I was a bit surprised and didn’t know what to say. They told me they were very compatible sexually and got along very well. Also that it shouldn’t matter if they were brother and sister. So this brother sister sex story was about to go a bit further. Then they asked how I might feel about joining them for a threesome.

After Smoking Some Weed Things Started To Heat Up

To be honest, I was a bit turned on by the idea, he was a good looking guy. And I did want to fuck him, so I said yes, I might be interested…They Broke out a bag of weed and we were all feeling mighty relaxed. After a good hour of smoking it, and things started to get a little heated. We all stripped our clothes off and they started to fuck right in front of me. I was getting really horny watching them, I started to reach my hand down to my pussy. And my friend said, “Let me do that.” She reached over and started to masturbate me as her brother was fucking her from behind. She was propped up on one arm and had her other hand between my thighs as I bucked against her hand.

I Was In The Middle Of A Hot Intense Encounter

I was very juicy and she lifted her fingers over her shoulder for her brother to taste.  He soon pulled out of her and pushed his cock into me. And I went down between her legs and started to lick her juices up. And suck on her stiff little clit as I was getting fucked by her brother’s cock, still wet from her juices which were now mixing with mine inside of me.

This hot and unexpected brother sister sex story. I was all of a sudden caught up in was the hottest and most intense sexual encounter I’d had in a long time. I came so hard and my cunt spasmed around his cock, milking his load into me. And I could feel it squirting inside of me and she came on my face, soaking me. We were a cum covered mess at the end of it, but it was sexy as hell.

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