I Loved To Tease My Big Brother

When I was in my teens, I used to like to tease my older brother and get him going. He made remarks several times about my young breasts and how they were getting bigger and I needed a bigger bra. I got flirty one night and asked his opinion of them. So I took my bra off for him to show him up close what they looked like. And he asked if he could touch them and I said sure, go ahead. And he cupped them in his hands and said they felt nice and could he take a few pics of them?

I Actually Let My Brother Touch My Tits


Gisele is a tease
Gisele is a tease


I said sure, just don’t show your creepy friends. But you can keep them for yourself to look at when you jerk off! He swatted my ass and laughed when I said that. So  from that point on, I’d frequently flash him with my young breasts. And I could always count on a rise in his jeans when I would do that. And he liked when I’d let him feel me up. One night our parents were out and he was staring at my young breasts. And I started to tease my brother asked if he wanted to touch them and of course he said yes and I pulled my sweater and bra off.
He rubbed my nipples and made them hard and I was getting turned on. And he reached towards my pussy and I let him touch me. I was wet and he rubbed my pussy over my panties. And I let him slide a finger inside them and touch my clit. And he could feel how stiff it was. I loved the way he made me cum with his stroking fingers. I didn’t let it go further than that and I just flashed him as often as I could. So then he’d call me a sexy brat. I knew he loved looking at my young breasts, so I teased him a lot.

I Found My Bra Under His Pillow

One day I noticed my favorite bra was missing and I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I went into his room and saw part of it peeking out from under his pillow .And I looked at it and the cups had dried cum in them. He’d been masturbating with my bra. And when he came home I presented him with the bra and asked him about it. He blushed and looked a bit embarrassed and said he just loved my young breasts so much. And he’d taken it to jerk off with and pretended he was titty fucking me. He so wanted to slide that dick between my tits and have me lick the head of his cock as he did it.

I am Still A Tease For My Brother

We were alone, and I pulled off my top. And pulled him to my young breasts and he began to suck on my nipples and make them hard. Swirling his tongue all around them and taking them into his mouth. And he began to stroke his dick at the same time . I knew how turned on he was and he asked if he could cum on my tits and I said yes. And he stood up and pushed me down on my knees .And as I knelt before him and he shot his load all over my tits. I swear it was the highlight of his year. I am still a tease with my brother .
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