A brother sister sex story is really more of a LOVE STORY!  Senior year of high school & I was a scared, but happy. Happy because I was dating the quarterback, scared because my bratty, brother was a freshman & I was sure to be annoyed all year.
So, I hated Melissa already, and hated her more when I overheard her say, “I hate that bitch, Joey!  Anse is her brother!  I bumped into him the other day & felt the biggest DICK EVER!!
My brother, I thought? Although, I’d never thought about his cock.  So, time to find out!  After Anse went upstairs, I barged into his room. “How’s school, kid?” I asked.
“Okay.  But, this girl’s hitting on me.” he mumbled, “And, I don’t know why.”
“That’s Melissa & she’s a bitch!  Heard her talking about you.”
“I’ll protect you, Anse.  I don’t want anybody taking advantage of you.”  I tousled his hair & slid my hand down his body. Pulling back, I brushed my hand over his cock!
“Do you know how popular you’re gonna be?  Different from them, you’ve got the biggest cock in school!!”
“But, you’re my sister! It’s not right!” Although, he said it without conviction.  Plus, I could see him getting harder under the covers.  And in 10-seconds he was standing a foot high!!!
“You aren’t gonna get me pregnant, so who cares?” Instead, I slid off his bed until my face was level with his rod.
Furthermore, I asked, “Can I suck it, bro?” In contrast, he gulped & nodded.
Then, I stretched my mouth over his head & halfway down, before he gasped shot his load down my throat!
“I’m sorry!” Anse said as I swallowed.
“Don’t worry, Anse.  Girls will beg for your cock!”
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