Brother Sister Sex Story- Corrected Ending Part I

Brother Sister Sex Story. My oral sex fixation started when I was a little girl. I loved sucking my thumb. My mother hated my habit so much that she went to great extremes like putting hot Chile sauce on my thumb to prevent me from sucking it. All that did was make it taste even better. I sucked my thumb well into my late teens. I’d probably still be a thumb sucker today if it weren’t for my older brother Juan, who taught me there where larger tastier things to suck on.

It was the summer right before I turned 15. I was sucking my thumb on the living room sofa watching cartoons. My brother Juan walks into the room shirtless covered in sweat from playing basketball outside. He walks right in front of the TV to block my view. He always did that when I would be watching TV just to get on my nerves. At 19 Juan was already 6’2 with a very muscular thick body. The minute he walked in front of the TV my eyes wouldn’t leave his hot sweaty body. I also didn’t stop sucking my thumb, on the contrary, it made me suck my thumb harder, so hard that I started making loud slurping sounds. All of a sudden my brother’s playful smirk disappeared, and instead, it was replaced with this dark smoldering look that made my pussy ache for something I didn’t really understand.

Several minutes passed before the sexually tense silence was finally broken.

“Maritza, you know you’re not supposed to be sucking your thumb, right nena”? Juan said. My only response was a meek “But I like how it feels in my mouth” as a looked downwards in shame. In a split second my brother crossed the room to stand directly in front of me. His tented crotch was millimeters from my face. And I could smell and feel the heat radiating off of him. Juan then gently grabbed me by the chin and lifted my face. With our eyes locked he told me “Mari this will feel better, Mami”. He let go of my chin to pull his basketball shorts down just enough to release his hard cock.



Brother Sister Sex Story Part II

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