Brother Sister Sex Story- Corrected Ending Part II

Brother Sister Sex Story. Without any hesitation, I stick the tip of my tongue out and tentatively lick the head of his cock.

Its salty deliciousness and I release my entire tongue and start taking long slow licks savoring every inch of his cock. But Licking is not enough and I soon start sucking on his tip with just my lips. Juan is now holding my head pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. I feel the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat and grab hold of his hips to keep him still.

My brother lets out a hiss, Oh no!

He must not like what I am doing, I love the feeling of his cock touching my tonsils I just want to enjoy it a little longer. In order to distract him, I start moving my tongue up and down his cock while I trying to get the tip of his fat cock passed my tonsils. At last, I succeed! But when I do this I can not breathe! I pull his cock completely out of my mouth and gasp for air.

Feeling lightheaded and very excited. I go back for more.

There is no hesitation this time, in less than a second I have his cock down my throat again, Juan is gripping my head and moaning very loudly, to distract him again I start moving my tongue faster on his shaft. The tip of his cock is even farther down my throat and I cannot breathe again. Just as I try to pull his cock out for air, Juan holds my head firmly in place. I start to panic when all of a sudden I feel hot salty liquid shooting down my throat. After three shots of the hot liquid, Juan finally releases my head. I cough and start gasping for air.

Brother Sister Sex Story Part II

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