Let me tell you how my brother sister incest ageplay experience started. 

Some of you know my other older brother Tom from my stories of brother sister incest ageplay phone calls. You’ve called and asked about what I’ve done, and I’ve given you all ideas. But let me write some of our stories down for you, so you can enjoy them a little whenever you want! 

Tom started messing around with me when his friends started teasing him. Undoubtedly the boys in his classes were teasing him about still being a virgin and his inexperience with a pussy. Well, he had a sister. Thus, he came to me talking about the teasing and asking if he could see. 

Naturally, he offered to make it fair. If he explored my pussy, I would get to do the same to his cock. And of course, I wanted to be a helpful younger sister. How could I say no?

We had rules, of course. Firstly, neither told mom or dad, because they’d get mad. Second, my room was the only place to do this, as Tom shared with another brother. (Being the only daughter had its advantages!) Third, the time available was late at night. Tom came in with a flashlight, so nobody would see. Although, at this point, I actually was able to block off light with my quilt over my door– my little fairie lights weren’t just for aesthetic! The hooks also held up the quilt. So, my room had double protection from light and sound.

Nervously, he locked the door, and he fit himself onto my bed. I pushed back the covers. 

“Are you naked?” His voice held a lot of surprise. 

In response, I smiled. “I thought it would be easier.”

Explorations of a  Pervy Kind

Tom’s hands fumbled around. He couldn’t use both the flashlight and his hands. “Come here, dummy,” I scolded him. Since he couldn’t hold the flashlight, I held it for him. So picture the two of us, in the dark, fumbling around with a flashlight while the family slept around us. Such is the brother sister incest ageplay experience. 

The light shone over my pussy. Tom ran his fingertips against my mound first, almost in worship. “Soft.” He kept running his fingers through, the words evaporated into the darkness, too reverent to remain under the flashlight.

I smirked and moved his hands to my breasts. “These are pretty soft, too,” I explained. 

Tom wasn’t my first. Nor was he even my first brother; Fred has that distinction. So with Tom, I guided him to what I liked. I commanded him to suck on my nipples, his hand in between my legs. 

As he suckled, I heard him moan. Then, his hands began to move in my pussy. He pulled away from my breast. And then, he held his hand in front of the flashlight, staring at my slick. “You’re so wet,” he breathed. 

“Obviously. Makes sex easier.” I sat up. “Here, run your fingers through it. Easier with the slide, right?” 

Following my advice, he slid his fingers up and down my pussy, fingers ghosting over my clit. I moaned as he touched it. Obviously, Tom felt the power in this brother sister incest ageplay and began to go crazy, flicking my clit up and down. In fact, he did it so much it began to hurt.

“Enough with the touching. It’s not a dick you can just whack,” I snapped. 

Besides, I had other plans.

Taking Charge

I pushed Tom onto the bed. “Don’t you want to know what it feels like?” I asked. To continue teasing him, I put my pussy over his cock, sliding him up and down my slit. “I could even take your v-card.” 

I didn’t tell him I’d already engaged in sibling breeding incest. Instead, I continued sliding my wet pussy against him. “Come on.”

Tom bit his lip, unable to think. But, it didn’t take long for his body to respond. Eager hips lifted up, pressing his cock inside me. And I gasped, sinking down. As a result, I actually winded him with my fall, though he stopped coughing long enough to beg me to keep going.

I mean, I wasn’t going to tell him no. He was for me to use. And so even though he came deep in my pussy (as I expected in this brother sister incest ageplay session), I continued to ride his cock until I came– which was at his next orgasm. 

And that’s how I helped him lose his virginity.

Aren’t I the best sister?


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