You would think that with Halloween over, the party circuit would die down until the holidays, right? WRONG! One of the nice things about being in Florida is that if you have the right connections, there is a party 24/7, 365 days a year. So, even though last night was just a Wednesday, my fiance got us invites to a very exclusive party at a huge, beautiful mansion right on South Beach…

As we walked around we met a very nice couple. The guy was a in very good shape, reminded me of that famous Argentinian footballer, but was a bit of an asshole- guess it went with the look. His girl was a gorgeous, tall, thin, brunette model, and as soon as she opened her mouth, I fell in love! she was British like me, and when we started talking, found we were from pretty close areas, and were soon giggling like school girls. Her boyfriend was watching us like a hawk tho, and if even a waiter got too close, he was giving the stink eye.

So, with the music thumping, her and I escaped to the dance floor. My fiance was so nice, he tried to keep Mr Overprotective away saying girls just had to be girls. I whispered thank you in his ear and promised I would make it up to him. We danced and ground our bodies together. She was tall, thin but muscular, and had these perky little C-cup tits with pencil eraser nipples. They were rubbing against my own 32G tits and making me wet. I grabbed her ass, and put my leg between hers, and nearly burned myself she was so hot. I asked her if she wanted some snow and she moaned yes in my ear.

In Miami, the only snow you see is glorious Colombian white powder. We ran down the hall, found a private bathroom, and went in. I locked the door, and she asked me to help her unzip to use the loo. I did, and she had nothing under that dress, and a perfect smooth ass. While she did her wee I laid out two perfect lines on the granite counter, and handed her my little silver straw. She did a full, fat line without a problem, and then I did mine. Before she could put her dress back on, I stood up and grabbed those nipples and kissed her mouth.

We made out like two starving people at a buffet. I played with her tits, and she reached under my dress for my pussy. We were really getting into it when someone knocked on the door and said we were in a restricted area. I helped her dress real fast and we wiped our smeared lips. When we came out, we were shocked to see it was her boyfriend standing behind the Security guy. I was really starting to not like him.

We came out, and let him lead us back to the main party. He started yelling at Lizzy, and Norman grabbed my wrist hard before I said something to him. We sat down at a table and tried to start some chat, but I took my foot, and ran it up Lizzy’s thigh, and started to slip a toe into her soaking wet pussy. She smiled at me and spread wider. Then she returned the favor, and I felt her smooth toe by my cunt. I shifted, and it popped right in. I looked at her boyfriend and in my sweetest, most saccharine tone, asked if we would be allowed back on the dance floor. He wasn’t happy, but agreed.

First thing I did was force our way into the middle. Even with us being tall, I knew Asshole couldn’t see us. Next, I kept an eye out, and when I saw him coming, I grabbed Lizzy’s hand and pushed out the other way. I saw a guard that I knew, I think I blew him at a party here a few months back, and told him my plan. He said he had my back, and opened a gate for me. I grabbed his crotch, and we both kissed him. He handed me a numbered key, and we took off. The key was for a private suite, and when I opened the door we both muttered “Bloody Hell…” The place was AMAZING!

The key opened up a suite. There was a giant gold tub, a canopied bed, a few couches, and even a fireplace. My friend warned me he couldn’t keep it going long, so we wasted no time getting to business. I unzipped her, and she took my dress off. We kissed deeply and passionately. I played with her nipples, as she went for my pussy. I pulled her mouth to my big tits, and held it there smothering her. We fell together onto a soft plush rug. I moved down, and straddled her face. Her tongue lashed my pussy and I ground down on her nose. I then leaned forward and got into a proper ’69’. I was close to cumming, and by how wet she was, I knew she wasn’t far behind.
I stuck a couple fingers in her pussy and she stuck a finger in my ass. I returned the favor on her, and heard her moan as my dry fingers penetrated her tight ass. I then bit down on her clit and let my pussy squirt all over face as I came. She bucked up and also came, her pussy squeezing my fingers and all.  Just then we heard a knock on the door. This time her boyfriend was screaming that if she was in there he was going to kill her. We heard keys fumbling, and grabbed our clothes. There was no time to dress, and we jumped out the window down to an deserted swimming pool below.

As we fell i tossed my purse clear. When we got out of the water, I called Norman, and he agreed to pull the car around. As we snuck around, we dressed. When I saw Norman, we jumped in his car, and she called Mr. Asshole. He was fuming when he came out, and we asked where he was, as we were sitting in the car FOREVER waiting for him. He had a look like he knew we were lying, but couldn’t prove it. Lizzy and I exchanged numbers, and we dropped them at his place. Next time, we party without her soon to be EX boyfriend…


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