Brandi loves BBC

I love BBC!  There is something about that big black cock that makes my mouth and pussy water.  It’s a need, an ache deep within me that once I see a strong black man I have to see what he has in his pants.  My body gets hot and flushed as blood rushes to all the tingly parts of my body instantly.

When I finally get to touch his bbc my brain gets fuzzy and I would do anything he asks of me with no questions asked.  I want to taste it, to lick it and to see how far he can stick it down my throat.  I want to gag and choke on it.  I suck it so hard and he rewards me by shooting his hot thick load in my mouth.  It feels so good as it coats the back of my throat.  I can’t get enough of Big Black Cock!  I suck every drop he has to give me.  It tastes so good!  Ahh but he returns the favor and begins to lick my pussy.  He sucks my lips and clit with those big pink lips and I melt.  He has me squirting in his mouth before I know it.  My pussy is twitching and swollen and he knows it is ready for his bbc.  He slides it in slowly.  Just the head at first.  In and out.  Going deeper each time.  Oh! My!  It feels so good.  My pussy is so tight around him.  He is stretching it out so wide.  Does he get it all in?  Who cums first?  Where does he shoot his thick seed?  Call me and I will be more than happy to tell you all about it.

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