I love giving bound beatings.

My favorite types of beatings are bound beatings that involve firm, unwavering implements. I gave one of my sexy little slaves one of my sexy little bound beatings the other day. A couple of days ago, I was horny and in the mood for teaching my little slave a lesson. She, of course, already knew it was coming. By that time, she learned to expect that I would strip her down, beat her ripe little ass one way or another, and edge her into a pathetic little mess. She came over, and we had a fun little night drinking and partying with some friends. Then we came back and crashed. The next morning we woke up, and I decided to have a little morning fun with her. We were both already in our panties anyways.

Slowly, I kissed her awake, and we had a friendly little chat. Then we got up, brushed our teeth, and she came right back in to wait for instruction like a good little pet. I pulled out four toys from my stand and told her that I was going to be using them on her. On my bed, I laid out a cane, a silicon crop, a leather strap, and some restraints. I began with the leather strap. I told her to get on all fours and, of course, she did as she was told. Then, I struck her all over her thighs, ass, arms, and shoulders. Front and back. She seemed somewhat unphased by this. Silly little slave. This was just the warm-up. A nice little waking of her skin, if you will. Stimulation, for what was to come. My cane.

My cane was much more aggressive as a tool.

After finishing up with the strap, which she appeared to barely feel, we graduated to the riding crop. A silicon heart. Starting at her thighs, again, I left no surface untouched. I was paying extra special attention to her ass. I increased the swing as I continued. I lightly tapped over her nipples and between her legs. The harder snaps prepared her for the vicious cut of the cane. As she grew pink, especially on her ass, I decided to switch to my cane. It was not a rattan cane, but it was a hard plastic that cut through the air all the same and left the same types of welts. Perhaps there was a tad less blunt force behind it, but that is all.

Then, I took the restraints and bound her hands behind her back. Then with her bent over, I began my work. I let her know that I, in that scene, would only strike her thighs and ass. And strike I did. I started with her ass—tiny, little, flicks of my wrist. The plastic of the cane lightly bounced off her ass with each strike. In between the blows, I added harder, crisper strikes. Her ass grew pinker and pinker. Her knees turned inward. I paused and grabbed her by the hair, shoving her face into my mattress. Then, I reminded her that she was beneath me in every way and that she needed to do as she was told. She confirmed this, and I pulled out my wand.

Then, I stuck it between her legs and began slowly edging her with it.

Then, I stopped and resumed caning her with a slightly intensified flick of my wrist. I did not hit her full swing as I did not want to strike her hard enough to leave lasting marks on her soft skin this time. I struck her one more time a tad on the harder side and called it good. She had begun to melt into the bed anyways. I guided her back up into place and stuck the vibrator between her legs. I wiggled it around, and she began to tremble. She was about to collapse into it when I grabbed the restraint around her wrists and held them to steady her. This only further rendered her helpless. Finally, she came and melted completely. She fell to the side, and I unbound her. Later, she told me how much she liked the bound beatings.

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bound beatings