Blindfolded and tied up!

Blindfolded and tied up by my master. I was watching 50 shades of Grey earlier. That movie turns me on, how intense their connection is and what a sexy demanding dominant. I got a great idea… When he sneaks into her room ties her up and blindfolds her with her own shirt.

So I was thinking that since I have such a good dominant that he could roleplay it out with me plus he knows how I love to be blindfolded. I got to my knees in front of my master my eyes low as I ask him if we could play out my fantasy. He put his finger on my chin lifting my face so my gaze would look him in the eye. “Yes,” that is all he said as he grabbed me up and carried me to the bedroom.

Blindfolded and tied up!

He dropped me on to the bed and began to roughly pull off my clothes. My master tied my hands to the bedpost with the rope because we didn’t have a tie, I couldn’t move my hands tied above me my tits were pressed to the bed and my ass was up in the air just waiting for him to take me. I could hear him slowly undressing almost painfully slow when he came up behind me and blindfolded me. My vision went black except for the faint white lite line and the bottom of the blindfold.

He slapped my ass hard once, twice and then a third time before he wedged himself between my legs and shoved his cock inside my pussy. He was thrusting so hard and deep inside of me. I cried out from pleasure and a slight amount of pain because he was shoving his massive cock balls deep inside me thrust after thrust. He grabbed a fist full of my hair fucking me hard with his big cock “Is this what you like?! Is this how you want it?!” Slamming his cock harder inside me with each word. I cried out and I came squirting all over my master’s cock. Man, I love being blindfolded!

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