Bitch gets put in his place.

I have a submissive bitch that I just love to put in their place. From the moment that my phone rings I know that it is my submissive pantie wearing pussy that needs to be degraded by a powerful woman such as myself. “Hi this is Kylie,” I say with demand in my voice for I know that’s just what he needs. After he gives me his info he begs for permission to put the phone down so he can call me back once we’re all set up.

He calls me back and the fun begins, I can’t wait to see how far I can go. I can already tell my little pantie wearing bitch is all dressed up for me in some Victoria secret. Oh, what a good girl he makes. He starts by telling me how beautiful I am and how he respects me. So I clearly intimidate him I can hear the tremble in his voice he speaks to me addressing me as mistress or ma’am. I have all the power and I know it. I know he will do anything I command and I like it.

Bitch gets put in his place.

“Get on your knees and crawl to me” I command. I watch him in his bra and panties head hung low as he crawls to me with his eyes to the floor, my bitch knows better than to look at me without my permission. Reaching my feet he waits sitting on his knees almost bowing to me. Digging my heel into his shoulder pushing him back I can tell the bite of the heel hurts watching the wince cross his face, brought me tremendous joy. He looked at me without my permission so I slap him across the face with a whip. Watching the red welts blossom on his face in almost perfect lines.

“Get on all fours, You little bitch” He does as I command. First I blindfolded him then I Whip him first across the shoulders then the ass. He makes very little movement as he knows I don’t like it when he acts like a pathetic pussy. I can hear quiet whimpers with every smack I so generously give him. Once his body is covered in red welts, I strap a strap on to my self-securing it nice and snug for what I was going to do next.

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