I Blew My Neighbor For A Cup Of Sugar!

Having just moved from SoCal has been a huge adjustment for me. I’m out and enjoying life on my own which has been amazing! When I moved into my apartment I noticed the neighbor that lived below me but he had a girlfriend. I blew it off and didn’t think much about it…until this week that is! I needed a cup of sugar to finish making some cookies so I ran down to his apartment to borrow some. I purposefully put a little dress on and freshened up my make up. When I got there I noticed his girlfriend wasn’t around. Come to find out they no longer live together! Score!!!

He invited me inside to chat for a few minutes. As soon as the door was shut I explained something very clearly to him. I said, “You know that I’m into you. I want to do something and I hope you’re okay with that.” I didn’t tell him exactly what it was I wanted to do 😉 I pushed up onto my tiptoes and kissed him. His arms were around my waist pulling me into him. He kissed me back so deeply and with a lot of passion. I felt him become very aroused against my leg. I pulled away from him, grabbed his erection, undid his pants, and got onto my knees.

It didn’t take long of me sucking on him for his sweet cum to explode into my mouth! The moan of pleasure that escaped his lips was such a fucking turn on! I couldn’t help but moan in response. He brought me back to my feet and planted another lust filled kiss on my lips!

I grabbed my bag of sugar and went to leave. We parted with a promise for another fun adventure very soon 😉 Not only did I get the sugar I needed, I also got some unexpected sugar! Hehe!

Now that we are both craving cookies.. and blowjobs from our sexy neighbor you should call for some hot MILF Phone Sex!