I caught this bitch going through my shit at a party and turned her into my own little blackmailed slave girl!

I had always wanted a slave girl, and the best way to go about it was getting a blackmailed slave girl. It is not like I wasn’t hypervigilant about catching hot girls doing bad shit so that I might blackmail them. I just realized, when the opportunity for blackmail arose, that it would be the perfect way to go about making some hot girl my sex slave. My older brother’s girlfriend was super hot to me. She was one of those girls who just seemed untouchable. She was kind of bitchy and always gave off a vibe that she felt too cool for the situation. I wanted so badly to see that pride broke. To see her on her knees, in front of me, at my mercy.

I wanted to touch her skin. I was at a party with two of my friends. One of my brother’s friends threw it. My brother was unable to attend due to a game that he was away at. I walked into the party and settled with a drink. Not too far into the party, I saw my brother’s hot little girlfriend walkthrough. She didn’t see me and she always acted like I was way too young for her to talk to anyways so, I didn’t say hi. Soon, I saw her pull some other guy into the bedroom that was empty. Luckily, the door was not greatly fitted to the frame, and there was a space that I could peek through. I saw her fucking him!

That bitch was cheating on my brother!

Immediately, I pulled out my phone and began recording through the crack. The scene carried on long enough that my video constructed a clear picture of who fucked who. I always hit on my brother’s girlfriend, and that bitch acted too good for me every time. I thought of the many satisfying options that I possessed with that footage. Then, It dawned on me. I was going to turn her into my little blackmailed slave girl. I was going to use her and touch her without restraint. She crossed the hall in front of me, and I cornered her. I played her the video, and she just stood there in shock. Then, of course, she begged me not to tell him.

I told her that I would refrain from revealing her secret, so long as she is my blackmailed slave girl. I told her to follow me home, and meet me in my bedroom, in my apartment, on her knees, naked. That is precisely where I found her when I arrived. How well behaved of her. I demanded she sit in the chair in front of me. I gagged her, handcuffed her hands behind her back and bound her legs apart, to the legs of the chair. Then, I grabbed her by the hair and kissed her ever so softly. She seemed surprised. That bitch literally thought that I was interested in performing some kind of twisted sexual torture on her. I ran my hand, slowly, over every inch of her skin.

So soft.

I wanted to show her that I was not some dumb little freshman and that I could please her better than my dumb older brother. I began playing with her nipples. Biting them and twisting them, then blowing on them. Once I spent about an hour working her up, I pulled out my glass dildo. I slid it in nice and slow and pulled it out. I mimicked this motion for a bit. Then, I pulled out my wand and edged her over and over again with it. When she looked like she was on the verge, I fucked her hard and fast until she squirted everywhere. Then, I squatted over her face and forced her to eat my pussy. I felt so turned on by tormenting her, that I came rather quickly, and all over her face.

I untied her and told her to have fun with my brother. She probably felt so used, and I loved every minute of it. I felt thoroughly satisfied and amused.

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