Blackmailed by Daddy!

Blackmailed by daddy to do naughty things, I can’t believe he did that to me. Everyone thinks I am daddies little girl, But no one would think that if they knew what he did after he found out I was smoking weed and having sex. It was last week and I had just gotten home from school and I had no idea what was waiting for me at home. Right away I went upstairs to my room. I opened my door and there was my dad sitting on my bed with a bowl packed full of weed. Some naughty pics I had sent my boyfriend. Because My face must have looked horrified… Keep reading to see my ageplay fantasy!

He stood up straightening himself and for a moment I thought he was going to hit me. Instead, he told me to have a seat on the bed. I sat down immediately because I knew I was in trouble. He flicked through his phone and then showed me a text I had accidentally sent him of my naked body.

Blackmailed by Daddy!

My legs were spread wide and you could see everything. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say or do. He stood in front of me giving me the full force of his eyes and said “I could tell your mother about this or… we could work something out” I couldn’t believe it I was being blackmailed by my own father for the first time.

“What would you like in return?” So I asked my voice a whisper. He was quiet for a moment. “I really liked those pictures of you” he reached down to adjust his cock he was clearly getting hard. I was blushing I didn’t know what to say, My daddy is a good looking man tho! “Ok, daddy lets work something out” I got to my knees on the bed he was standing right in front of me, I reached out and started stroking his cock through his pants.

So If you liked my story about how I got blackmailed by daddy, Give me a call and we can act it out all the way!!

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