First time sex story with my hottie neighbor.

First time sex story with the hottie next door neighbor. I was so young and feeling horny all the time I was almost crazed with the need to cum, so this is my first-time sex story. I was home alone just sitting there watching some TV when my doorbell rang it was the hottie that I have had a crush on for as long as I can remember, My face immediately turning red blushing just looking at him.

He had come over to ask me if I wanted to hang out, He knew I had a pool and was wondering if we could go out back together and go swimming. I was a little in shock but I told him that we could go swimming I just had to put on my bathing suit.

I walked him out back and then I ran upstairs to throw on the bathing suit I put in the most revealing one I had and I quickly went back downstairs. By the time I had gotten to the pool I realized he had taken off his shirt he was about waist high in the pool the water beading down his chest to his 6 pack that nicely framed his abdomen.

First time sex story with my hottie neighbor.

So I think I was staring a little too long because he asked me if I was going to get in the water, He had the biggest grin on his face. Then I walked into the pool for some reason feeling self-conscious when I got about waist deep in the water we were face to face that’s when I looked down and realized that he was completely nude.

I looked up a little bit surprised and he kissed me, there were so much heat and passion in that one kiss even tho we were in the pool I knew my pussy was dripping wet. He slid his fingers between my pussy lips and started rubbing my clit in rapid circles making me cum harder than I ever came masturbating before. He lifted me up to the edge of the pool pushing my bathing suit bottoms to the side and slid his big hard cock inside my pussy, He started fucking me without a condom I wanted to tell him to stop but it just felt so good.

I hope you liked my first time sex story, I would love to act out yours!! Call me! If you thought that this was hot you should check out my blackmail story… It’s ageplay appropriate.

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