Most of us don’t ever set out to blackmail someone

Most of us don’t ever set out to blackmail someone, but things happen and it becomes an option. Last week I walked in on a most interesting situation. My boyfriend’s buddy is an electrician and he does jobs on the side for cash. He will do jobs for less than he has to charge at his work place. So he was adding an outlet in my bedroom and I came home a bit early and found him. He wasn’t doing electrical work. He was standing in my bedroom with my panties around his knees. His erect cock bobbing up and down as I walked in. He looked shocked to have been caught masturbating in this manner. This is one of my blackmail stories.

He Stepped Out Of The Panties And Placed Them On The Bed In Front Of Him

I smirked and said I didn’t realize this was part and parcel of getting an outlet installed. Having my panties masturbated with. I told him I never knew that he was such a  pervert .  He looked like a deer caught in the headlights. I said my boyfriend wouldn’t like this one bit. He agreed and asked what he could do to remedy the situation so I wouldn’t tell. I said you’re so horny, go ahead and jack off into those panties. While I watch.

He looked a bit stunned but then realized I was serious. He stepped out of the panties and placed them on the bed in front of him, crotch panel up. I said no, you put them back on and jerk off while wearing them. He resumed stroking his cock and I could tell he was holding back a bit. I said if you don’t stroke that dick and cum in those panties, I’m telling my boyfriend. He replied that was blackmail, and I said yes it was, so start stroking.

This blackmail idea could be fun

He started to pump it again. He knew I was watching every stroke of his hand on that hardened shaft. His hand was moving back and forth in the panties and I knew he was starting to enjoy this. Me watching him. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the power, I did. This blackmail idea could be fun, I might do it again in another capacity. He said he was getting closer to cumming, that his balls were aching and full. I was thinking how embarrassed he’d be if anyone knew about him masturbating in my panties. He said he was going to shoot his load.

This Turned Out To Be One Of My Blackmail Stories

I stunned him by walking towards him and hooking my thumbs on either side of the panties. I pulled them down around his knees. His hard cock sprang forth, dripping precum from the tip. It was free now and he gripped it firmly, pumping back and forth until his hand was a blur. All of a sudden he groaned and squirts of his cum were shooting out the tip of his cock. They dripped on the floor in front of us and I told him he would be cleaning it up

. He stepped out of the panties and went into the bathroom and returned with some paper towels. He was a good boy and cleaned up his mess. I said I wouldn’t say anything. If he ever got out of line again, I had this to blackmail him with. He said he wouldn’t do it again and went home. I tossed the panties in the hamper and shook my head. Men were such pervy beasts. Blackmail stories are fun to talk about . If you have a kinky fetish ,Casey does the best fetish phone sex.

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