I Knew My Neighbor Was A Bit Of A Pervert But..

I always thought my neighbor was a bit of a weirdo, but he was quiet. So I didn’t pay him much mind, but one day a few weeks ago I was bringing in the mail. And there was this hand written note that said, “I watch you undress every night anyway. Why not get paid for it and do a ‘bit extra’ for me?” Oh my God, it had to be that pervert! I thought his bedroom was on the other side of the house since the lights were never on in the window across from mine. so I never bothered to pull my blinds down when I got undressed each night.

The next night in the mailbox, the pervert had left a hundred dollar bill. With the instructions to masturbate with a candle. He’d seen me burning stick candles on my bedside table. So he knew I had some on hand. I was to insert on in my pussy as far as it would go. I can’t say I didn’t need the money, I didn’t even have to look at him. It was all so bizarre, but why not? I usually masturbated most nights anyways. So why not make a bit of money and get the pervert to pay for it at the same time?

I Lubed Up The Candle And Teased My Clit With ItCasey and the pervert 2

I got out a new pair of candles and took one into the bed with me.  And I lubed it up and teased my clit with it. I could feel his eyes on me peering in across the darkness.  And I knew he was watching me, likely stroking his cock as I played with myself. I slid the candle in my cunt and gasped at its cool smoothness. And I then moved it in and out of myself. There was no light from his house, if one didn’t know better, they’d have thought I was alone, I knew better.

The next night there was another envelope in the mail box with another hundred dollar bill. Telling me to lick my fingers after I’d cum on them and they were all sticky and wet. After I’d cum a few times. I did indeed rub my fingers all over my cunt. Getting them as slick with my own wetness as I could and then I plunged them into my mouth. And sucked my sweetness from them. I rubbed some of my juices on my tits as well.  And I was beginning to enjoy putting on a bit of a show for him and I was certainly liking a hundred bucks for each masturbation session as well.

I Was Getting Used To Putting On A Show

The next few days went by with no envelopes from the pervert. Then there was one that said tonight I was to hump a pillow between my legs. And make myself cum with it. I hadn’t masturbated that way since I was a lot younger. But I knew I certainly wouldn’t have forgotten how.

That night I doubled over my pillow and straddled it. Knowing he was watching me and I began to hump it and make my pussy feel so good. It didn’t take long until I came and I knew he’d be stroking his hard cock in the dark watching me from his window. This went on for many weeks and I made a good deal of money from the pervert. Then it tapered off. A week ago I received an envelope with a thousand dollars! But it requested that I allow him to watch me from inside my apartment.I was shocked but tempted to do it.I still haven’t decided.It was entertaining while it lasted and I sure never thought I’d be putting on any masturbation shows for the neighbor.Why don’t you give me a call and tell me what I should do?

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