I Soon Found Out What Blackmail Sex Was All About

Recently things got a little interesting with my boss. He found out I’d done some things I should not have. I’d gone through private file cabinets and computer files. He said he would fire me for doing it. I begged him not to let me go; it was a good job and paid well, and I needed it. He got a smirk on his face. Then he said he was going on a business trip in a few days and I could join him. He said if I was “nice” to him, it might make him change his mind about firing me. I decided to do it. He was a nice-looking man and seemed nice enough, and a few days away, why not? How bad could it be?  It would be like a girlfriend experience.  I soon found out what blackmail sex was all about.

It Didn’t Seem To Be So Bad At First

He’d gotten us adjoining rooms for easy access to me. We’d settled in and unpacked, and soon the adjoining room door swung open. He then strolled in wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. He told me to get undressed. I did as I was told. He told me to kneel on the floor. I did. He sat on the edge of my bed and opened his towel and told me to suck his cock. I hesitantly reached out and took his growing shaft in my hand and pumped it. He was soon fully engorged and stiff. I lowered my mouth down onto it and licked the tip and popped the head into my mouth. I was soon deep throating his cock and taking it down as far as I could.

In No Time He Was Showing Me Who Was The Boss

He pushed my head down, really gagging me, then told me to suck his balls. I did. He sure was wasting no time in putting me to use as his sexual plaything. Then he shocked the hell out of me when, after sucking his balls, he told me to “go lower”. I hesitated and was unsure, but he then reminded me my job depended on my doing as I was told. I then did as he asked and rimmed his ass as I stroked his cock. And I soon had his cum all over my face as he groaned in his orgasm. He then left and I showered, all the while thinking of the blackmail sex I’d just engaged in. I then finished getting ready for dinner.

 It Was Round Two

He met me in the hotel restaurant and we ate dinner together and then went back to the room. He was apparently ready for round two.  And He aggressively removed my clothes and got me on all fours on his bed. He stripped his own clothes quickly. I could feel him already hard and pressing at my cunt lips, finding his way into me. He then sunk in balls deep and began to thrust over and over. He grabbed my breasts and pulled me hard back onto his throbbing cock. And He had a good-sized dick, there was no doubt about that. He reached underneath me and began rubbing my clit. It did feel good, there’s no doubt about it, blackmail sex or not.

He Was Kinky And Insatiable

He continued to rub me and I did feel an orgasm welling up inside of me.  And He didn’t stop until I did cum from it. That orgasm made me milk his cock that was all the way inside me. He then shot his load into me until it dripped down the insides of my thighs. He was insatiable. It wasn’t over for the night, but he got on his back and told me to sit on his face. He then proceeded to lick his own cum out of my cunt. I was soon creaming and cumming on his face as he made me cum from all his licking. He really had a high libido as I found out this weekend.

I got up and went to my room. The next morning he wakened up by him crawling into bed with me. He’d come in via the adjoining door again. I soon had him on top of me pumping away once more. I wrapped my legs around him and he just hammered that dick into my pussy. And vI was getting sore from all the activity, but that didn’t stop him. I had yet another load squirting into me. The entire weekend it wasn’t much more than a few hours from one sexual encounter to the next. Exhausted at the end of the weekend, but he told me my job was safe. I was glad it was. It had taught me never to snoop around and do something I shouldn’t, or blackmail sex might be the price.

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