My Boyfriend likes a real girlfriend experience type of girl

My boyfriend is a very romantic type, which I love. He said so many girls are materialistic and just not sweet. He likes a real girlfriend experience type of girl l to be his own. So he told me he was going out of town on business for a few weeks. I worry we will not get to spend Valentine’s Day together, but he assures me he’d be home in enough time.  And I said how are we going to find any sexual release being away from one another for so long? I thought he might suggest phone sex or sex chat, but he though cam might be more exciting.  And I agree.

He Said He Wanted Us Just To Tease Ourselves And Not Actually Cum

The first couple of days he was away he was too busy to play, so I got ready for our first session. I got a few sexy lingerie outfits, did my nails and pedicure. When we had cam time the first time, I knew I looked hot. I’d gotten just the right lighting and wanted to really satisfy him. Then he said he wanted us just to tease ourselves and not actually cum. Now that was going to be hard. He thought it would make for a more passionate reunion though, so I agreed.

It Felt So Good I Didn’t Know If I Could Stop

He would get the hottest girlfriend experience with me he had ever gotten, I was sure of it. I had sexy music in the background, looked great and he could see my shaved pussy up close on the cam. He had me apply some lube to my fingers and stroke my clit up and down. It felt so good I didn’t know how I’d be able to stop, but I knew I’d have to. He stroked his cock for me and I knew he could last a long time.  And he told me when to stop touching myself. He knew I was getting too close to cumming from my breathing.

We Were Masturbating Without Cumming

This kind of exquisite torture went on many nights while he was away on his business trip. He’d tell me he loved me and I did the same. I loved being his sweetheart and I knew we’d have a wonderful Valentine’s Day when he returned. The masturbation without completion sessions we had created a real hunger in each of us for one another. I did not know how I could go on like this. We’d skip a day and then get back to the nightly girlfriend experience teasing sessions on cam.

I Couldn’t Wait til We Could Cum Together

The night he got back, I about tore his clothes off when he came home. We had the hottest sex for hours. I sucked his cock and got several loads out of him. He fucked me until I knew I’d be walking funny the next day. And he was a very naughty boy and licked my cum filled cunt. He loves to do that when he’s feeling really dirty. I will encourage him to do so. We certainly had more than a week s worth of delayed gratification to get worked out. It was fun, but I’m not sure I’d have the willpower to do it again.

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