blackmail sex is how he controlled me

Most people that fall victim to blackmail sex would never believe it until it’s happening to them. I’m a maid, and as well as working for regular clients, I do that naughty maid work online. You wear really skimpy outfits, sometimes no outfits, as you clean and it’s streamed online. I never thought one of my regular clients would find out about it, but he did. He said he’d tell my other clients unless I started to clean for him in some of the same outfits. And I couldn’t afford to have my vanilla clients find out, so I agreed.

I Wore The French Maid Uniform With Crotch less Panties

I went to his house the next time in my little French maid uniform, with crotchless panties. Normally he’s out when I clean, but this time he sat and watched me. I felt his eyes boring holes into me the entire time. I glanced at him and he had a hard on. He reached in and started to stroke his cock as I was cleaning. The next week when I came back, I was in a corset and garter belt and see through panties. He watched me again the whole time. He honestly pays me very well, so I decided maybe he’d be even more generous if was more open. It was blackmail sex, but that didn’t mean it had to be unpleasant. I mean at least it wasn’t rough sex.

I Had To Admit.. It Felt Good

I removed the panties and was totally bare assed. Then I went over and gave him a drink and made sure to bend over, pussy fully exposed. I felt his hand on my ass. I didn’t move away. His fingers began to explore my pussy from behind. The wetness coating his fingertips as he circled my clit. It did feel good, I had to admit. He knew how to touch a woman effectively. I parted my feet a bit more to open my pussy, and he slid two fingers into me.

I Came All Over His Hand

First leaned  my hands on the arm of the chair to steady myself as he manipulated my clit. I felt weak in the knees from being so close to orgasm. I clenched my cunt muscles and came all over his hand.  Then I got on my knees and took his cock in my hand and stroked it a few times. Then popping it in my mouth. I drooled all over it and got it all sloppy wet. I deep throated it and massaged his balls.

He pulled me up and had me straddle him. Riding his cock, feeling it slip in and out of my wet pussy. My tits in his face and him sucking on my nipples. He grabbed my ass cheeks and helped pump me up and down on his shaft. I was about to cum a second time. And I knew his load was fast approaching squirting into me. I bucked a few more times and came on his hard cock. My orgasm triggered him and he shot into me. We were both breathing hard and fast until we calmed down. It all may have started out as blackmail sex, but I did enjoy it.

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