Black guys jerking off together over a girl on her knees used to be one of the things on my “bucket list”. I had no idea that it would happen entirely by accident one night after the Uber driver dropped me off at the wrong address! Now I can’t stop thinking of all of those thick, black dicks and how I can get “lost” again.

Damnit, Janet. There’s a Light…

I headed out, like I had lots of other nights, to a frat party on campus. Of course, I started the party early with some pre-game shots with the girls. The girls left and I stayed back to get my shit together, promising I’d be over as soon as possible. After a quick nap and rally, the Uber was just outside so I slid on my ridiculous 6″ Fuck-Me heels and teetered out.

The driver definitely had the correct address because I plugged it into my phone. Be that as it may, I was dropped off – in the rain, no less – at a huge house way off-campus. No frat party would have this many expensive cars out front. I teetered to the door and rang the doorbell. My night suddenly went in an entirely unplanned direction.

Black Guys Jerking Off

“Yo,” he called over his shoulder into the house, “somebody order this skinny white bitch?”

Stunned into silence, I stared wide-eyed at the 6’5″ black man in a tee and basketball shorts with a single gold chain around his thick neck. I couldn’t help but notice the heavy bulge in his shorts. It’s not my fault it was almost eye level!

Nobody replied but he brought me in and I was shocked to see black guys jerking off everywhere. They stroked their thick dicks over sluts on their knees in stripper heels in one room. In the next room, girls were dancing to a heavy beat wearing nothing but g-strings. Black guys jerking off sat on a long white leather couch watching them dance. None of the men seemed to mind how many other guys had their dicks out.

And to be honest, I was completely mesmerized by the biggest cocks I’d ever seen. And there were so many all at once!

Somethin’ Cookin in the Kitchen

My “host” brought me into the kitchen to use a phone. I mumbled something earlier about having poor reception on my cell. He chuckled at the expression on my face and gripped his massive cock through his shorts.

“Never seen so many black guys jerking off huh?” he asked. I shook my head and licked my lips, flicking my lashes at him. Finally, he gave in to my curiosity and pulled out his gigantic cock. It made me gasp out loud. He grunted, motioning for me to pull down my top while he started fisting himself. Mesmerized by the way the head of his dick disappeared in and out of his huge hand, and the veins throbbed along the sides of that black cock, I acquiesced.

Others must have heard my gasps and whimpers as he pushed me down onto my knees and told me to open my whore mouth. Soon four more black guys jerking off stood around the kitchen. They peeled off my top, snapped off my bra, and dragged my skirt up to my hips.

All Eyes On Me: Big Dicks Remix

As I’ve written about in a previous post, teen gangbang porn features slutty cumdumpster girls begging for cock. Turns out this time I didn’t even have to beg. I only dropped to my knees and thick cum covered my face, tongue, tits, and body.

I never made it to that other party, but I’d say I had a better time in the kitchen anyway.


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