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When we were still very young. My brother and I caught our mom giving daddy a blowjob. And this became the hottest brother sister sex story ever! So later my brother had me do it to him and he loved it so much. So, every time I wanted something like his candy or him to buy me something with his allowance money well I would just get my way and give him a blowjob. I learned quickly that I could manipulate him easy. He was such a sucker because the older we got the more I used it against him. He would try to stop letting me after he got a girlfriend. Brother would tell me never again but soon something would come up and I had to have my bratty way!

I would drop to my knees in front of him and soon his dick was in my mouth. One time he had denied me for 2 days and I was just about to lose my mind because I thought I could not convince him. So, I threatened to tell mom and dad. I could even tell his girlfriend. He begged me not to and gave into my wishes. I really hated his girlfriend she was ruining so much from me. One night I went to his room, crawled into bed with him and pressed my tiny young titties against him. Mark, I whispered, wake up I want you to fuck me.

He sat straight up in bed no longer ignoring me.

What he almost shouted. So I told him to hush before he woke our parents. I love you and I want you to be the one to take my virginity. I knew he hadn’t had sex with her yet and that he had been trying really hard to get her to give it to him. Come on Mark I pleaded. Don’t you think it should be us giving each other our virginities first? He tried telling me all the reasons why it was a bad idea, but he was a horny teenage boy and I knew I already had this one won! His eyes kept straying to my titties beneath my see-through nightie. I was wearing a pair of boy shorts underneath that really made my butt look good. He could not take his eyes off me.

I lay back against the pillow, spread my legs and started stroking my pussy through my panties. I looked at him and watched as his eyes stayed glued to my hand. Then I reached inside and continued to stroke it finding that tiny little clit that always made me quiver when I stroked it. His dick became hard and he began stroking it through his pajamas. I smiled, I know you want to know what it would feel like inside me. So, put your throbbing cock deep inside my tight young virgin pussy, Mark. I could hear myself begging with my tone. I was horny, I was throbbing myself. My pussy was contracting and aching to be filled.

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