Being blessed with ample bosom, I love giving a big boob titjob. 

Sucking, pinching, giving a big boob titjob are all ways I love to play with my boobs during sex. They’re such big things, being DDs. For real, I think they might be an E cup now since I’ve put on a little weight, but! 

My boobs might not be as sensitive as someone with smaller boobs, but there’s more area to play with. Each of my boobs is ample enough for two hands. Plus, each is super soft, too. Despite being big, they’re still very springy. There’s no lack of bounce in my boobs! 

Because my soft breasts are so big, my areolas are big, too. They encompass about a fourth of my breasts. Though some women have bumps and ridges on their areolas, mine are near completely smooth. Running your fingers over my pink skin, my areolas are noticeably cooler. But, they’re just as soft as the rest of my breast. So should your cock rub against my areolas during our big boob titjob, don’t worry. I promise, it feels just as good as the rest of my lovely lady curves

My Nipples

Unsurprisingly, my nipples are hard nubs, even when I’m warm and relaxed. If I’m aroused, they stand in the center of my boob, pink plateaus waiting for attention. In fact, other than my clit, they are the most sensitive part of me. To make my pussy gush, put your mouth around my nipple and suck. Even though it’s not quite a big boob titjob, it gets me going! 

My little dark pink nubs easily stand about half an inch when erect. Sucking on them only makes them more sensitive. Plus, I swear they grow each time someone sucks on them. 

But, licking and sucking aren’t the only way to play with nipples. After all, mine are big enough to have more fun. Why not press your cockhead against my nipple and see what happens? 

Actually, I’ve done boob/nipple fucking before. My boobs are that large. Press your cockhead in the center of my chest, right on my nipple, and push in. There’s little resistance and enough boob that you won’t hit my ribcage. 

In fact, pushing into my breast for a big boob titjob is similar to rutting into my ass, save for the difference of texture. Or at least, that’s what I’m told. My butt is a little too firm for rutting, but my breasts? They’re nothing but softness. 

A Normal Titjob

I do love the old-fashioned big boob titjob, however. A cock between my boobs sends a rush of power and pleasure through my body. If a guy is less than 7 inches I can envelop that cock entirely around my breasts. And if he’s more than that, I get to play with the head of his shaft with my tongue.

But even if a cock isn’t 7 inches, I still have lots of fun. In fact, I confess, I might have a little more fun with a big breast titjob if my partner has a less than 7-inch cock. Because then, I don’t have to worry about sucking on the head of his cock. Instead, I focus entirely on his shaft. For example, my mind studies how my breasts form around him. Plus, his shaft driving into my breasts gets me wet, as it’s different from the missionary normal sex.

 In fact, I’m always down to give a big boob titjob!


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