My boyfriend has always had a bi cuckold fantasy. So one day I decided to make that fantasy a reality. He came home from work and saw me with a guy in between my legs eating my sweet little pussy. He just stood there in shock. I stared at him and moaned extra loud. bi
“OMG, Kevin is so much better than you at eating my pussy!” I yelled out.
“I want you to be a good little boy and come suck his cock until it’s nice and hard and ready to fuck me,” I told him.
He dropped everything in his arms and came over. Kevin sat back on the couch and watched as Ty took his cock out and started sucking on it. He worshipped that cock like it was a god! Sucking on it until it was all the way into his throat. I couldn’t help but think this bi cuckold was going to be the best day of Ty’s life.
“You’re such a good little cocksucker.”
“How does it feel knowing that his cock is going to please me more than yours?”
“I bet it turns you on just thinking of seeing his cock in my tight little pussy.”
When Kevin was nice and hard I told them I wanted him to fuck me in doggy position while Ty was under me in the 69 position.
“I want you to watch and see what it’s like for a real man to fuck me and when he cums in me I want you to clean me up.”
Ty moaned as we all got in position. Kevin grabbed me by my hips and slowly slid his 9-inch cock inside me. He started fucking me hard and fast. I loved how his cock stretched my tight pussy in all the right places. I could feel my pussy throb around him and I knew that before long I was going to cum. I kept telling Ty how great it felt, how much better Kevin was at fucking me.
“Ty suck on my clit and lick his cock as it slides in and out of my pussy,” I ordered him.
He moaned but immediately started to suck on my clit and lick my pussy juices off of Kevin’s cock. The pleasure from it all was too much and I screamed Kevin’s name as I came hard around his cock. It pushed Kevin over the edge and he unloaded a nice hot load of cum inside me. It felt like he was cumming forever. As he pulled out I felt his cum slide out of my pussy and right into Ty’s open and ready mouth.
Kevin left as Ty ate my pussy clean. He made sure every last drop was licked or sucked right out of me. Using his fingers and mouth like he was digging for gold. I came again, pushing whatever was left of Kevin’s cum out and into Ty’s eager mouth. We both laid there panting and satiated.
“I hope that fulfilled your bi cuckold fantasy,” I said with a laugh.
“More than you can ever imagine. It’ll give me the best cuckold story to tell for years to come.” He said with a smile on his face.