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Steve’s hand messaged and gripped my ass as he licked my pussy juices. He did not realize that he was eating my lover, David’s cum as well. I laid back enjoying the sensations coursing throughout my body. Closing my eyes I remembered the feel of David. His’s cock power driving into my tight little pussy as I cuckold peg, Steve. I can not wait to talk about it with you during a kinky phone sex call.

Steve ate me with an enthusiasm he rarely showed. That is why I had refused to allow Kevin to fuck my pussy anymore. Instead, I cuckold him with real men and used Kevin to as my hard sex fuck toy. Now, I fuck him. I have this lovely strap-on. Having developed a taste for pegging his ass or guiding him in his masturbation, forced sex on him like the pussy boy he deserved to be treated as.

I love the way David handles my body,

all masculine control over feminine frailty. He knows how to make me feel like a woman. In turn, I fuck Kevin just as David fucked me that day. On the days that I do not cuckold peg Kevin I force sex on him from his own self for my amusement. Guiding him in HOW I want to see him masturbate step by step. I do not allow him to stop any action until I am satisfied. No matter how he enjoys it or not.

Enjoying making him abuse and torture his cock, balls, and ass. I love to make him cause himself such pain it is difficult for him to maintain his erection. While forcing him to hold off cumming until he has my permission. LOL then making him eat his own cum.

Today he is lucky. Today I am going to fuck him across my desk. I am going to be fucking him in his ass with my strap-on cock. His eyes will be red and his tears have pooled larger than his head. He will cum many times I’m sure, he always does, then on his knees, he will lick up and eat every drop of his cum thanking me for servicing him with such loving tender care.

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