Hard sex

I miss my boy toy, Spanking Jerking off CBT Panty boys. A CEO of a major financial institution in New York. He is a complete stud of a married man. He has a world of burdens and responsibility from his kids to the lives of millions depending on his choices. With me he could escape, laying down the burdens and just submit to me. I controlled him during our time together it was like sex therapy for him. LOL, and I did use him in whatever way my mind could come up with. LOL, ALL of our sex was hard sex LOL mostly hard on him.

I would take him to glory holes and force him to suck cocks getting his face fuck and throat used till he lost his voice. LOL or at bars that we went to. You would not believe how much cum he swallowed at hotel bars during conventions.

LOL one reason I love strapon phone sex and I am so good at it is. I would have pegging parties where my girlfriends would come over and he would wait on us. He, of course, was our party favor. He would crawl from lap to lap eating one pussy after another. LOL in the cutest little loincloth. Which made for very easy access to his ass which when the mood hit one of us. Well, we would take turns trying to peg his ass to the ground.

Hard sex

He even bought this van that he had put a sex swing in the back. I would strap him into it naked. Drive him around and find people that wanted to fuck him or be eaten by him off the streets. LOL at one point I had an address book and when he would get free of his life for a night I would call the people up and schedule drive-by sex. LOL and do not think it was just men that he serviced for me. There were a lot of ladies that took their frustrations out on him with.

LOL ok… to be fair… LOL, my tiger took turns being in control. See that is what most do not understand about being a kitten… Most men need me to submit to serve their pleasure. But the fact is that a kitten services her man’s pleasure best a lot of times by forcing a man to live out his most secret and deepest desires he cannot admit to in his real life.

If you want to hear more yummy details about how I treat my toys… or if you want to become one.

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