Oh, I got a new toy to play Spanking Jerking off CBT Panty boys games. Now I can play any games I want. He is the living boy toy that I can make do anything I want to.

My girlfriend C.C. came over and had me hide my eyes. She knows how I love surprises. When I opened my eyes, there was this handsome very young man standing in front of me. His eyes cast down, in the prettiest blue dress. She said “Dawn, I got you a living boy toy so you can learn to dominate real men” C.C. is so sweet that way. She left ordering me to do anything I wanted to him.

First I walked around him inspecting my property as my owner does me.  Slowly I stripped his outer clothes off. Leaving him standing in just his cute blue thong panties I went to dress the part of a mistress. Lol If I had such a thing. Eventually, I found the closest thing I have to Dominatrix gear.

I returned to the living room and escorted the young man to my punishment room. There I thought of the Spanking Jerking off CBT Panty boys I had heard of. I tied him across my balance beam, wrists to ankles with his pale white ass in the air. Then selected my favorite flail and proceed to spank his ass. I had to turn his little white ass a light red before he ever said a word. At which point he began to beg. Not for me to stop… but to do more, hit harder, even to stripe him from his toes to his neck.

When my arms tired I untied him, I lay him on the floor, caressing mint oil into his skin. His cock was straining in his panties I felt the need to reward him, so I began to jerk him off. First through the thongs then stripping his body completely to masturbate him.

It turned me on so much I sat on his face and made him lick my pussy as I continued to stroke his cock. Over and over I brought him to the edge of cumming. His moans vibrated my clit bringing me to the brink of orgasm myself. Then at the moment before he orgasmed I would pull his balls down away from his body forcefully while still jerking him off. The sounds of his screams would send me into an orgasm every time. A few times my orgasm was so intense that I released his balls while still jerking him off and he would cum… lol, but I would not stop. I kept him hard and ready to cum for hours.

That’s when my master came home our discussion of my gift from C.C. and Spanking Jerking off CBT Panty boys well that lead to a fascinating night of Cuckold Peg… but that is a different story.

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