I’ve Always Loved The Idea Of Watching Two Guys Play

I’ve always enjoyed gay porn. I find watching two guys together a lot hotter than straight couples. So when a friend of mine mentioned that he was bi curious and how much he’d been fantasizing about sucking his first cock. And then getting fucked, I started to have some naughty thoughts. I had another friend that I didn’t really have an interest to sleep with. But he’d said to me he would do anything to make it happen. I wondered how serious he was. SoCasey gets off on bi cuckold porn I decided to put it to the test and see if being a bi cuckold interested him.

I Told Him I’d Fuck Him Under One Condition

I told him he could finally sleep with me, but there was a catch. I’d told him before how much watching two guys together turned me on and he laughed at me. But I said the only way I’d let him fuck me, is if he played with my other male friend. That would get me so horny. He was wanting to sleep with me so badly, he agreed. I arranged things and the big night arrived. My bi curious friend was there, ready, willing and able. My other friend arrived and sat down with us, I’d poured us some wine. And My bi curious friend got down on the floor in front of my friend. And took his cock out and he rubbed it until it was hard and then took it in his mouth. Slowly and carefully and then he moaned with delight.

Watching Them Turned Me On

It was getting me wet watching them. So I reached down and rubbed my pussy as I watched them. My clit was already swollen and I dipped my fingers into my pussy juices to smear all over my clit. And it felt fantastic having a live porn show be conducted right in front of me.

After sucking on my friends cock, the one on the couch stood up and he and the guy he’d just been sucked off by started to rub their cocks together. And I was getting even more turned on. He asked if he could fuck me now. I said as long as you fuck my friend up the ass first, yes, you can. He took his cock and slid it in between my friends ass cheeks, popped his cock head into him. He started to thrust and he fucked him as my friend stroked his own cock and then came.

I Loved This Bi Cuckold Experience

He finally got his chance at me and I laid back and let him slide his dick into me. I asked him if it was everything he hoped it would be, and he said that and much, much more. He didn’t last that long honestly. But he had a nice cock and it was thick. I had to rub my clit as he fucked me. But I certainly was able to cum, as my bi curious friend looked on and came again himself from pumping his own cock. I didn’t think the week before I’d be having an evening of bi cuckold entertainment, but things can often happen we were not expecting and they turn out to be great.

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