Well did I ever have a fantastic, relaxing vacation! I went down to Bermuda and did nothing but soak in the sun, drink and relax. Swimming, nude of course, and There was this young college student working at the hotel saving up for college. He was a handsome young guy and I knew when I saw him, I was going to have his cock before the sun went down, and I did…As He brought me my drink as I lay on the beach, he said I was his last order of the day before he went home.

 I looked up at the bulge in his trunks and wanted him badly. I gathered up my stuff and told him to come back to my room with me, and he did. As soon as we got in the door, I pulled those trunks down and was on my knees with that huge cock in my mouth, he was hard as a rock as I drooled all over it. His hands on my head as he leaned against the door, his throbbing cock down my throat. He smelled like coconut oil and his dick tasted so good in my mouth. I was still a bit tipsy from the handful of drinks I’d had all afternoon and felt so good, so horny and knew I wanted that young cock inside my dripping cunt.

 I got on the bed on all fours and he pulled my bikini bottoms down and mounted me and started fucking me, the bed was creaking with every thrust. I could faintly hear the steel drums in the background as he fucked me, grabbing my tits and shoving his bare cock all the way inside of me. He shot his load, then flipped me on my back and started licking me out, fuck it was hot.

It really IS better in the Bahamas!