Ever heard of the best sex positions for giving head?  Well, let me tell you; I’ve had challenges getting my man onboard for that! He just isn’t crazy about blowjobs….he’d much rather be eating my pussy, fucking my pussy, licking my tits, or plowing my ass. I LOVE giving blowjobs, but he is such a talented lover and gets such joy from pleasing me…I lose myself in orgasms and bide my time. Once a week or so, when I’ve GOT to have it I get to make love to his cock and balls.
I start when he’s still asleep.  Once in a while, he’s got a giant boner and I tell myself he’s dreaming about me.  But usually, he’s in a deep sleep; so, I take his entire cock and balls in my mouth. I don’t get to keep them there long. Because it may be small when he’s asleep; but when he thinks of me, it undergoes a MASSIVE transformation.

I can tell when he wakes up cuz he moves his hips into a more comfortable position.

As he grows out of my mouth, his balls are the first to escape and I rub them against his chin as I let his cock push its way down my throat. Then, I raise my head up and see his eyes smiling at me as I trap that fat head in my mouth and attack it with my tongue; forcing the tip of my tongue into his little hole at the very tip. I beCUM Sex Crazed by all of it!
Smiling back, I start to bob my head up and down on his dick, the perfect size for my throat, sometimes letting it out of my mouth with a loud pop, but slipping it all the way down immediately after. Sliding my hands under his ass, I dig my nails deep into his flesh, and he starts to lift his hips up and down in perfect timing.   Just enough to make it cooperative. These sessions have lasted 5 to 37 minutes. And I enjoy every fucking one of them. Even if we’re not fucking..tee hee.

In the end, I can feel his balls contracting and getting ready to explode down my throat.

Tightening my mouth around his pole, I run my tongue over the head of his dick. Usually, I can tell, but every once in a while his cum surprises me, and I always relish the amount. From a teaspoonful to a shot glass.  I always hold it in my mouth and let a little dribble down over his balls; before swallowing every delicious drop. Running my tongue from the base of his balls; I lick up and over them.  Tasting his cum again, up the big vein on the underside of his cock, under the ridge of the head and over that tiny hole.
I FINALLY say, “good morning, lover” as he grabs me gently by the back of my head, brings my lips to his, and says, “I Love You, Joey”!  Then he gives me the best kiss of the day.
Want me to do that to your cock during a phonesex session? Call Me.
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