My best friend, Jenn is amazing. We do tons of stuff together and I adore her. Not only is she fun, but she is smokin’ hot too. Of course, we find each other attractive and we are now having best friend lesbian sex. Jenn has a pool and we all hang out there a lot during the summer. Today, it is steaming hot and she and I are swimming and playing in the pool. Additionally, a bunch of our guy friends are hanging out too.As Jenn and I are playing, we have one of those moments where our eyes meet and we know we are going to kiss. And, that it is, we start kissing and making out in the pool.

That is the beginning of our best friend lesbian sex.

And, then we move it to into the living room. Our guy friends are drooling all over themselves. Of course, they happily follow us inside too. Once inside, we take off the wet bikinis and throw a blanket on the floor. Although I am known for soaked female domination, I am not using it today with Jenn. We are equal right now and I want her to feel comfortable doing whatever she wants with me. This best friend lesbian sex should feel special to her as it does to me. And, obviously, to our pervy guy friends as well. Even though, she and I do love an audience for the fun.

As we are using our hands and mouths to explore each other, the guys are pulling out their cocks.

They are enjoying it as much, if not more than we are. In fact, I think they have all been hoping for this moment for a long, long time. In the back of my mind, I have to. As Jenn and I work our way around each other’s bodies, we get into a “69” position and start eating each other’s pussies. Mmmm…she tastes so good and she is really wet already. I am so happy we are finally crossing the best friend lesbian sex boundary and having our fun today. As we are going down on each other, the boys are stroking their dicks with fervor.

Jenn asks me if we should let them play with us during our best friend lesbian sex?

I tell her I am up for anything and the more the merrier. That is all they need to hear as they move in on us. I feel dicks on my face and, one going into my pussy. I also see one going into Jenn’s kitty at the same time. It is turning into a summer orgy. These guys have big cocks and know how to use them. Jenn and I are going to have plenty of time, later on, to hone our best friend lesbian sex, without an audience. Today, we can make use of these fine fellas and their well-hung peckers.

The guys that didn’t get a hole are stroking over all over us.

And, before you know it, Jenn and I are treated to a bukkake celebration from them and their loads. Wow, they are really excited as they are coating us with cum!

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