Domination is for anyone that loves a controlling situation. Maybe that is why I love it so much. Women and men can be my subjects. And, I love seducing a woman with my sexy body and fantastic skills. I call it Soaked Female Domination because I am keeping her wet from the beginning to the end. No one is immune to my seductive skills.

Of course, everyone that is playing with me loves bowing down to worship this Badass BBW Domme. Within minutes of our playtime, they are unable to get enough of me. It usually becomes an addictive situation with them. I don’t mind that because they are coming back for more again and again.

Especially those craving my soaked female domination!

Each person is different, making all my sessions unique. It is the same during my calls when I am providing the Best Phone Sex ever! As a strong diva, I get a lot of calls to overpower my callers. Whether it is with physical domination or mental domination and humiliation. Of course, sometimes it is fulfilling a fantasy of fucking a beautiful full-figured woman.

I love all of the calls I am getting. Similar to dominating in real life, all my subs make our sessions amazing. Additionally, the ones where I am controlling another female are great at getting my pussy nice and wet. Don’t be mistaken, any time I am dominating someone, I am wet. However, with women, it is more sensual and sexy.

Her body and scents making me want her.

Of course, she is feeling the same way about me during our session. The more I am controlling her with female orgasm denial, the more she is begging to cum. It is so much fun using this tool on both men and women. With men, I can see their cock and balls suffering through. It is a whole different ball game with women.

Maybe that is what is so special about our sessions. Following your gut and feelings, going with the connection to her. Of course, I can always slide my finger between her pussy lips and know I am getting to her. It is a thrill to make her moan when I slide a finger or two inside her.

And, should I play with her clit and stop, she is begging for more. I use all my tools and skills to drive her wild. I want her begging for that climax. Her pussy is so wet, I see juice streaming down her leg and I am wanting a climax as well now.

Do I let her cum or make her wait?

At this point, I am so into it, I want to cum too! Oh, I am caving as she is looking at me with those gorgeous eyes. We get into the “69” position and go to town on each other’s cunts. She is so wet her juices are all over my face. We are going at it hard and I know this is just the beginning of our wild night of climaxes.

Curious to know what all we did or what I did to her during my soaked female domination? Call me now to find out!