You were getting your way with me – your amateur cuckold.

It was then Mark’s turn to go down on you and he did not disappoint.  You would be moaning out loud in a few minutes. This was so wrong but would be so exciting to hear. My own wife moaning and building up to an orgasm with someone else on them. He missed nothing, sucking on your nipples on the way down to your pussy.  It looks like you shaved it a bit as well. Something else you always refused to do for your amateur cuckold!

Once he was going down on you it did not take long.  You were moaning and bucking your hips for him. I could only see the back of his head and your legs and feet but that was enough.  I was wondering what was next which I was soon to find out. You scooted back on the bed and lifted your knees up exposing your pussy for him.  Then the big surprise, you order me to the edge of the bed, which I did.

You then proceeded to tell me to take his cock in my mouth and get it nice and wet so he would slide into you easier.  I was not ready for this. Seeing you together was about my limit or so I thought. Once again you ordered me to get him wet and with this second command, I complied.  I did not want to but I know this is what you wanted so I did it.


It felt so strange to have a cock in my mouth.  

It was my first but I wanted to make you happy so I did my best.  I know what a good blowjob felt like so I set out to do that to him.  I was surprised by the softness of his cock yet it was unyielding when he fucked my throat.  After a few minutes of being choked by his cock, he must have felt he was wet enough because he pulled out.  I was told to kneel by the bed and be quiet.

He then climbed in between your legs.  I was flipping out by now. He scooted in closer and rubbed his cock against your pussy lips.  They were already wet and he wasted no time. I came close to stopping him but honestly, deep down I wanted to see him enter you more than anything at this point.  He gave one good push and buried his cock to the hilt.


I found the scene very exciting after the initial shock passed.

You gasped!  I assume it was a mix of losing your breath and a bit of pain from his size.  He was at least three inches longer than this amateur cuckold, but he was also much thicker and you felt the stretch.  He did not give you a chance to catch your breath but immediately started pumping you. This continued on and off for over an hour.  I said nothing but kneeled and watched. I found the scene very exciting after the initial shock passed.

He was on top, you were on top, and he put you through every position imaginable.  The only interaction you and I had was when you allowed me to suck on your toes and lick your feet.  In hindsight, I think you only wanted me closer to you so I did not have a choice but to hear his cock sliding in and out of your dripping wet pussy.  

To be continued…

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