It’s true… I can.  Go ahead and test me!

I love male sex toys even though the last time I checked I am not a male.  If I ever were to wake up one day with different, um… parts, I don’t know if I would run and find the nearest girl who was willing to fuck me or to the nearest adult toy store to purchase a TENGA Zero Flip Hole Black Rechargeable Vibrating Male Masturbator ($249 USD).  The Mac Daddy of sex toys! I mean, have you ever seen what they look like inside? Who would not want to put their dick in there?

Really, I think, I just love hearing you men masturbate; sex toys are not even required.  If you’ve talked to me, you already know that. There is a very special place on the internet where amateur masturbation enthusiasts record audio of their self-gratification and post it online for people like me who will appreciate it.


Stroking your cock and trying to talk

Many times the guy has been stroking his cock for a while before he starts recording and he’s also trying to talk to the listener while continuing to do so. I think the combination of diminished ability to get his point across and the slight changes in breathing is so sexy.  And again, if you’ve talked to me you already know that.

I love the sound a guy makes when he first sinks his cock into the toy – especially if it’s his first time.  It’s a very specific sigh that says “this feels way better than sex toys probably should.” And I adore the squishy lube sounds too.


How to make Stevie happy…

Of all the sex toys that I have become familiar with hearing, I think my favorite is the Tenga Flip Hole. It seems to feel amazing inside, there are adorable buttons on the outside that let you vary the pressure as you stroke your rock hard cock and it flips open for easy cleaning!   If I did have the required anatomical parts, I would consider it an honor to stick my dick into one.

So, guys… call me and let me hear you stroke your cocks – with or without a toy.  This would make me very, very happy!

**Believe it or not, this is not a sponsored advertisement for Tenga…

 Next up: Butt toys – toys that fuck you back!


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