BBC.  Everyone loves it, right? So…we meet again for the next installment of The Halloween Chronicles and Finding BBC-ULA! This is not a case of pristine society folk cumming together for a little slap n’ tickle wife swap party…No.  This is something more seductive, more dangerous…more life-changing than anything you’ve ever contemplated before now.  The Halloween party was being hosted by a gorgeous man known in the porn industry for his BBC…Big, Black Cock…for those not in the know…Are there any STILL out there? LOL.   The massive doors to the estate swung open to reveal a massive, labyrinth type foyer, lined on each side with giant, dripping candles. This was the only light and it was indeed…seductive!  Cum with me…

We are greeted by a large man in tuxedo tails and looking quite “Lurch” like…He was silent as well and gave an almost slow-motion flourish of one hand to beckon us forward…What? No, “Enter freely and of your own accord”????  I believe that’s a standard upon entering a “devil’s lair!” Isn’t it? Haha.  We walk forward in the flickering candle light, casting huge shadows along every surface.  I feel the stirring immediately…

“It’s cumming….”  The words still hanging, much like a cartoon balloon above my head.

“What’s cumming?” My friend whispered back as if we weren’t alone in this cavernous hall.

“I believe your lovely friend refers to me.”  Our host bellowed without even trying…This was clear…The man had…”presence!”

“I’m so sorry. That didn’t cum out quite as I meant it. What I meant is…”

A finger found my lips…I looked into the mesmerizing eyes of our host, Blacula. I thought it had all been for the holiday, so I thought nothing of his introduction as the king of BBC…AND a vampire…For real? Cum on!  Still not totally convinced. Sorry folks, I’m not some rube who just takes everything at face value…I may as well be from the “Show Me State”!  I always need some fucking PROOF of whatever I’m told…Habit? Yup…And a great one too! Haha

We were…glided (like in some Spike Lee film – Giggle) up the long, winding stone stair-case and down another long hall. I’m hoping I don’t need to make some horror movie escape attempt. I’m not sure I could find my way back to that giant-ass entry hall again! We could smell the fireplaces long before we saw anything…

Entering through the massive double doors into the Master’s Lair…I took in the sight of the larger-than-life, four-poster bed.  It was covered in blood red satin fittings..Everything seems to drip and flow across the bed, thanks to the flickering flames dancing about. And those same flames began to dance across our three naked bodies. My friend and I bend under his skillful, black hands. His tongue and cock followed suit. The last to show itself…were the fangs. Turns out, old boy really is a vamp. No. Not a goth wanna be vampire…This guy? He’s the real thing!

He started kissing and licking my legs from my toes up to my inner knee, then up to the top of my thigh where it met my mound…he deftly planted his pearly white fangs, and drew first blood. I felt a rush of nausea, followed by a swell of adrenaline that overtook my senses and made me willing, no…EAGER to let him have ALL OF ME.

The three of us fucked, sucked and came the night hours away. His cock never tiring of the activities. Always hard…Always throbbing…Always DEEP. And by morning, he was gone. CUMpletely vanished from his own chambers…He likely needed to seek shelter further below ground…And, we…his newest humble servants…decided to stay and wait for nightfall for Count Big Dick to rise from the dead again and fuck us to within an inch of our horny lives!

Wondering how I always seem to get myself into these sexy preDICKaments? Giggle I cum by it naturally! He may be Count BBC-ULA, but, I am the REAL GUZZLER! LOL



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