A Kinky Star Wars Story of BBC Scifi Sex

BBC scifi sex – yes, I know, there’s so much more than the original Star Wars trilogy. There’s the remastered version, which shows all the parts that were too shitty to make it to the first cut. Then there are the prequels which I can’t talk about here without slamming my Mac against the wall. Naturally there are the new ones as well, which, well, seem to have gotten mixed reviews.

Anyways, the point is that nothing really compares to the original trilogy, so it’s only natural I pick it to be the setting of my kinky BBC scifi sex story.

Naturally, this shouldn’t come as a shock. You can judge from my past Star Wars fantasy sex stories that I am sort of a geek with a dirty mind when it comes to these things. And that I never say no to any sort of fantasy or scifi roleplay phone sex!

So here is my story, which I’ve titled A Kinky Star Wars Story of BBC Scifi Sex.

A tremor went through my spine as I walked out of the hair salon. It wasn’t the first of them, and by this point, I was quite used to the weird sensation. So I drove home as quickly as possible. But the feeling was only growing in intensity. With my eyes shut, I felt myself go limp inside some sort of force field – at least that’s what it felt like.

Something crashed beneath my back, almost making my eyes pop out of their socket.

“Ouch,” I cried out, “that hurts.”

“That’s just the start,” replied a warbled and tough voice.

The hair on the back of my neck rose in alarm. I quickly sat up, only to discover Darth Vader standing in front of me in all his metal and triangular glory. I instinctively let out a scream, but the sound shortened in length when I took a look at what he was stroking. My eyes screamed at the sight of the big black cock that stared at me.

“What is that?” my voice trembled.

“It’s my cock,” Darth Vader replied with his emotionless drawl.

“What is that?” I repeated.

He stayed silent, expecting an answer from me.

“The F-force?” I struggled to reply.

I had always been fond of Star Wars, but I’d never expected myself to be a part of a BBC scifi sex encounter.

“Yes,” I could almost decipher the smile in his emotionless voice, “and you are going to feel it.”

Although I admit I grew curious, I let out an agitated “no”, but he twisted his free hand to shut my voice and cut off all sound from my throat. He used the Force to pull me towards him, making me land right onto the massive organ that could never be real. It was as strong as it was big, and my body ached from the impact.

Don’t get me wrong ­– I’m a huge BBC fan. This kind of BBC scifi sex wasn’t something I’d ever imagined. However, before I could even ask what was happening, Darth Vader had me stroking his massive metallic dick with all of my body. I couldn’t even figure out the length of it; it was too big to make sense of anything. But he made sure I licked every single inch of it, leaving my tongue tired and dry. I was still petrified. Darth Vader’s cum tasted of pure evil.

“Yes, you are without a doubt my partner of choice, Carmen,” he enthused while I panted, “you will serve me quite well.”

He used the Force to make me levitate four feet above the ground, vertically. With a snap of his finger, my legs moved apart wider than what would be considered humanly possible. The inhumanity was relentless, as his unholy Sith BBC shoved its way up my pussy. He kept pushing it in until I could feel it rocking right below my chin.

“You are quite the dirty little slut,” – Darth Vader was actually saying that? – “And now I’m going to create an entire galaxy inside you.”

To say he was fucking me would be an understatement. This BBC scifi sex was far cruder than that. He was annihilating me with his never-ending organ. It beat inside me, pounding my organs to the extremities in its hunt of gaining pleasure from my body. I was shrieking in both pleasure and pain, my mind whirling with confusion and an unhealthy need for more of which I was now craving. My breath was gone, but somehow Darth Vader made sure that I kept breathing. It was all too otherworldly.

“You have done quite well,” he said as tenderly as he could. The last thing I saw was his cape turning towards me and I closed my eyes enjoying the last of my BBC scifi sex experience.

The next day, a sexy Darth Vader costume arrived in the mail with a note, telling me to wear it for “our next encounter”.

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