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His cock was at least eleven inches.

To top it all off, he was thick too. It was certainly not a pencil dick, nor the size of any white dick I’d ever seen. His name was Malik and he was huge, loud, and proud. Nothing could convince that boy that I didn’t want to fuck. He knew all it ever took was a little teasing or a little kiss, and I’d be all his. I knew all I ever had to do to get his attention was send him a mirror butt selfie, and he’d be falling over himself trying to get to me. Of course, doggystyle was his favorite and he was even a little sneaky and got plenty of pictures of it. Right in the middle of slamming me against the wall, I wouldn’t even notice it when he’d take a second to save the moment. He loved keeping something to himself so he could savor it later, and sometimes it was whatever panties I wore for him.

He must have at least ten different pairs that I’ve lost over the years.. He even kept a little red and white Christmas-themed thong that one of my old boyfriends got for me. When I went looking for it to try to wear it for him again, I realized it was missing. The culprit was almost all too easy to find. I asked him for it and he simply sent me a picture of it wrapped around his thick, throbbing cock. How on earth could I try to get that back?

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